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Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat Review

Gatsby Grunge Mat

Grunge Mat very much smells great like all Gatsby products!

I noticed no shine when using this wax, actually very mat.  Compared to other Gatsby hair products (Pink, Purple, Green, etc.), the constantly is more creamy, less sticky. This it is very easy to work though your hair, wet or dry. I noticed no pulling when applying in the hair, as compared to Pink, Purple. I believe this is the go-to product in the Gatsby line with longer hair, if you want the messy look.  It doesn’t leave a lasting smell in the hair.

Like all Gatsby products, it is also very hard to wash out. I would recommend starting out with a little amount (tip of two fingers) first to avoid wax build up.  I have sometimes followed this up with some hairspray for extra hold. I for sure can go all day with this wax. It also is very easy to rework throughout the day if needed.