Hair Dough Styling Fiber Review


  • Semi-firm hold.
  • Not flexible.
  • Hard to put into hair.


  • Has a faint aroma.


  • A semi-dull appearance.
  • Inflexible.
  • Can reshape hair all day long by using some water on hands.
  • The hold is firmer when applied to dry hair.
  • Can be tacky in the hair.


  • Can create a disheveled look with amazing texture.
  • Simple to add body to hair.


  • around $15

Hair Type

  • Ideal for someone with thick hair.
  • Less difficult on damp or wet hair.

Does It Last?

  • Decent hold all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Somewhat hard to remove from hair.
  • Challenging to spread in hands.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can seem oily if too much product is used.

Hair Dough Styling clay has a semi-matte look and semi-strong hold. It had a faint smell and could be used to add a messy look with great texture. However, it was not pliable and was hard to spread in hands and hard to apply in hair. It was great for someone with thick hair, but somewhat difficult to wash out of hair. It was easy to add volume to hair, but easier on damp or wet hair. We also noted that you could restyle hair throughout the day with a little water on hands, but hair could appear greasy if too much product was applied. We found that the hold was stronger when applied to dry hair, but it could feel sticky in hair.

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