Old Spice Hair Styling Pomade Review


  • Medium hold.
  • The hold is ok but not as strong as the wax.


  • Crisp & clean scent.
  • Subtle & not overpowering.


  • Natural styled look.
  • Mold hair to desired look; no greasy/oily look.
  • Professional look, not rigid nor greasy.


  • Adds definition & body.
  • Enhances & controls curls.
  • Lifts & separates strands.


  • Reasonably priced.

Hair Type

  • I've found that holds my thick hair in place.
  • Works for course hair.
  • Also works well on fine & short curly hair.

Does It Last?

  • Product lasts a long time when applied correctly.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily washable with water or shampoo.
  • Can leave residue until washed out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can feel sticky & heavy.
  • Crunchy and dry.
  • Also can get greasy and/or flaky.

Customer Reviews:

It Keeps My Hair in Place

This product has a medium hold, which is just right for me. While it's not as strong as a wax, it still does a good job of keeping my hair styled throughout the day.

Good for Adding Definition and Body

This product does a good job of adding definition and body to my hair. It works well for enhancing and controlling my curls, as well as lifting and separating strands. It's a decent option.

Reasonably Priced, but Leaves Residue

This product is reasonably priced, which is a positive. However, it leaves a helmet-head residue in my hair.

Smells Nice and Looks Natural

This product has a crisp and clean scent that I really like. When I use it, my hair looks natural and not greasy or oily. It gives me a professional look without being too rigid.

Feels Sticky and Heavy with Too Much

If I apply too much of this product, my hair can feel sticky and heavy, which I don't like. It can also make my hair look crunchy and dry. I would be careful not to use too much.

Product Summary:

Old Spice Pomade is an affordably priced styling product that is particularly effective for those with thick, medium follicle, and straight hair. It offers a reliable hold that can last up to 12 hours, providing flexibility to maintain the hairstyle. The pomade is characterized by a crisp, clean scent, adding a refreshing touch to the grooming experience.

This product is adept at creating natural-looking styles, allowing users to mold their hair into the desired shape without imparting a greasy or oily appearance. It excels in enhancing and controlling curls, lifting and separating strands, and adding both definition and body to the hair. Additionally, it is conveniently washable with water or shampoo, although users might notice residue that persists until the product is thoroughly washed out.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to be aware of. The pomade can leave the hair feeling sticky, heavy, crunchy, dry, and in some cases, greasy or flaky. It's important to apply the right amount and distribute it evenly to minimize these issues and achieve the best possible styling result.