Redken Brews Cream Pomade Review


  • Light/soft hold.
  • Hold doesn't last but a few hours.


  • Has a strong masculine scent.


  • Natural matte look.


  • More texture on thicker hair, less hold.


  • Around fifteen to twenty dollars.

Hair Type

  • More hold on thinner hair.
  • More texture on thicker hair, less hold.
  • Hard to evenly spread on dry hair.
  • Easier to apply on wet hair.

Does It Last?

  • Hold doesn't last but a few hours.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Very easy to wash off.

Adding Too Much?

  • Your hair will feel super sticky and a tad greasy.
  • The white paste will appear in hair as flakes.

Customer Reviews:

Great for a Natural Look

I've been using it for a few weeks now and I must say, it's perfect for achieving a natural look. It gives a light hold without that glossy, greasy look some other products have. I'm definitely sticking with this one.

Doesn't Last All Day

I found that the hold doesn't really last all day. By the afternoon, my hair was losing its shape. It's a bit disappointing, considering I need a product that can keep up with my busy day.

Love the Scent!

I absolutely love the smell of this product! It's fresh, light, and not overpowering at all. It's a nice bonus to the styling benefits it offers.

Decent but Nothing Special

It's a decent product. It does the job, but it doesn't really stand out from other similar products. The hold is okay, the smell is good, but it's just like any other pomade out there.

Not Great for Thick Hair

I have thick hair, and unfortunately, this product didn't work as well as I had hoped. It doesn't provide enough hold and my hair falls flat quite quickly. It might be better for those with thinner hair.

Average Product

Overall, it's an average product. The texture is nice and it's easy to apply, but I didn't see any extraordinary results. It's good for everyday use, but perhaps not for special occasions or when you need a really strong hold.

Product Summary:

Redken Brews Cream is designed to provide a light to soft hold, although its effectiveness tends to diminish after a few hours. This product is characterized by a strong masculine scent and is adept at giving hair a natural matte appearance. It performs differently depending on hair type: while it offers more hold on thinner hair, it tends to provide more texture but less hold on thicker hair. Priced between fifteen to twenty dollars, it falls within a moderate price range.

The cream can be challenging to spread evenly on dry hair, but application becomes easier when the hair is wet. A major advantage of this product is its ease of washing off. However, users should be aware that it can make the hair feel super sticky and slightly greasy. Additionally, this white paste might sometimes leave flake-like residues in the hair. Therefore, it's important to apply the right amount and ensure it's well-distributed to avoid these issues.