Agiva Hair Styling Crystal Wax 04 Review


  • Strong hold that keeps hair in place throughout the day.


  • Subtle scent that is not overpowering.


  • Agiva Hair Styling Crystal Wax 04 provides a shiny and glossy finish to hair.
  • This product gives hair a natural-looking hold and texture.


  • Agiva Hair Styling Crystal Wax 04 has a smooth and creamy texture that is easy to apply.
  • It provides a flexible hold without feeling sticky or greasy, leaving hair looking natural and shiny.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Best for thick hair types.

Does It Last?

  • This wax can last all day, even in high humidity, ensuring that your hair stays in place and looks great.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Agiva Hair Styling Crystal Wax 04 is extremely easy to wash out, ensuring that your hair is left with no residue or buildup after use.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive application leads to difficulty washing out.
  • Heavy residue causes hair to appear weighed down.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold

This wax has a great hold and keeps my hair in place all day. I love the crystal finish it gives my hair.

Strong Scent

The scent of this wax is way too strong for my liking. It's overpowering and gives me a headache.

Easy to Apply

This wax is very easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue or stickiness in my hair. It gives a nice shine as well.

Not for All Hair Types

This wax may work well for some hair types, but for me it didn't provide enough hold and my hair fell flat within a couple of hours.

Difficult to Wash Out

I found this wax to be extremely difficult to wash out of my hair. It took multiple washes and left my hair feeling greasy.

Moderate Hold

This wax provides a moderate hold for my hair, but nothing too impressive. It's just okay.

Product Summary:

Agiva Hair Styling Crystal Wax 04 is a hair styling wax known for its strong hold, ensuring hairstyles stay in place throughout the day. It stands out for being easy to wash out with water and features a clean, pleasant fragrance. The wax imparts a shiny and glossy finish, creating a natural-looking hold and texture for the hair.

Its smooth and creamy texture makes the product easy to apply, offering a flexible hold without any sticky or greasy feeling. It leaves hair looking shiny and natural. Particularly effective for thick hair types, it provides a subtle glossed finish that isn't overly shiny.

Agiva Hair Styling Crystal Wax 04 is a durable styling option, capable of lasting all day, even in high humidity conditions. It washes out easily, leaving no residue or buildup, ensuring hair remains clean after use. However, it's important to use the product in moderation, as overuse can result in difficulty washing it out and a heavy residue that weighs hair down. Priced between $10 and $20, this product is an affordable choice for those seeking a strong, long-lasting hold with a glossy finish.