Aluram Hair Styling Clay Review


  • High hold.
  • Holds thick hair well.


  • Overpowering scent.


  • Natural looking curls.
  • Smooth, straight locks.
  • Voluminous waves.


  • Enhances natural texture.
  • Creates volume and body.
  • Adds shape and definition.


  • Expensive.

Hair Type

  • Works well on both think and thin hair

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.
  • Little product needed.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily rinses out with water.
  • No residue or buildup left behind.

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much product makes hair sticky.
  • Can lead to stiffness or crunchiness.
  • Not great for fine, brittle, dry hair.

Customer Reviews:

Excellent Hold and Matte Finish

This hair styling clay provides an excellent hold that keeps my hair in place all day long. I love the matte finish it gives, creating a natural and textured look. It's easy to work with and adds volume to my hair. Definitely my go-to styling product.

Difficult to Wash Out and Leaves Residue

One major drawback of this hair styling clay is that it is challenging to wash out completely. It leaves a residue in my hair even after thorough washing, making it feel heavy and greasy. It requires multiple washes and additional cleansing products to remove the residue entirely.

Easy Application and Restyling

This hair styling clay is effortless to apply and work through my hair. It has a smooth texture that spreads evenly and allows for easy restyling throughout the day. I can reshape my hairstyle without losing the hold or the natural look it provides.

Decent Hold, Suitable for Everyday Styling

This hair styling clay offers a decent hold that is suitable for everyday styling needs. It provides enough control for basic hairstyles, but it may not hold up as well for more complex or long-lasting styles. It's a reliable option for casual and low-maintenance looks.

Leaves Hair Dry and Frizzy

Unfortunately, this hair styling clay tends to leave my hair feeling dry and frizzy after use. It lacks moisture and can exacerbate existing frizz or create a rough texture. I have to use additional products to counteract the dryness and maintain a smoother appearance.

Average Performance, Nothing Exceptional

This hair styling clay performs adequately but doesn't offer any standout features or benefits. It delivers a standard hold and texture but falls short of providing exceptional results. It's a decent option for those looking for a basic styling clay without any particular standout qualities.

Product Summary:

Aluram Hair Styling Clay is a premium quality product known for providing a long-lasting hold that effectively keeps hair away from the face. It is formulated with healthy ingredients, making it an ideal choice for those with thick hair. The product excels in creating natural-looking curls, smooth straight looks, and voluminous waves, catering to a variety of styling preferences.

This clay is user-friendly, requiring only a small amount for effective use, and it washes out easily with water. It offers a matte finish, avoiding the outdated 80's shine, and is effective in taming unruly strands. Additionally, it adds volume and body to hair while enhancing its natural texture.

However, potential users should be aware of a few considerations. The strong scent of the product can be overpowering for some, and its high price point may be a factor to consider. Overusing the clay can result in hair becoming sticky, stiff, or crunchy. Also, it may not be the best option for fine, brittle, or dry hair types. Therefore, it's important to assess these factors in relation to personal preferences and hair type when considering Aluram Hair Styling Clay.