American Crew Firm Hold Gel Review


  • Firm hold throughout the day.
  • Little product needed for desired result.


  • Pleasant, men's cologne smell, not overwhelming.


  • Provides a wet look.
  • Doesn't dry out hair.


  • Adds body & bounce.
  • Creates defined curls.
  • Enhances natural texture.


  • Great value for large size.

Hair Type

  • Great for managing thick hair.
  • Ideal for fine & thin hair.
  • Reliable for curly & straight hair.

Does It Last?

  • Firm hold throughout the day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash from hair & hands.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can become crunchy and stiff.
  • Can leave sticky residue.
  • Can become too smelly/overpowering.

Customer Reviews:

Excellent Hold and Definition

This gel provides an excellent hold, keeping my hair in place throughout the day. It also offers great definition, making my hair look sleek and well-styled. I appreciate how it doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or stiff. A reliable choice for achieving a polished and lasting hairstyle.

Overpowering Fragrance

One downside of this gel is its overpowering fragrance. The scent is quite strong and lingers for a long time, which can be overwhelming, especially for those sensitive to fragrances. It would be more desirable if the scent was more subtle and less intrusive.

Non-Greasy and Lightweight

I love how this gel doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down. It has a lightweight formula that allows my hair to maintain its natural movement while still providing the desired hold. It's easy to work with and doesn't leave any residue. A great option for those seeking a non-greasy styling product.

Medium Hold, Versatile Styling

This gel offers a medium hold, which is suitable for various styles. It allows me to create different looks, from a neat and polished style to a more tousled and textured appearance. While it may not provide an ultra-strong hold for elaborate hairstyles, it offers enough flexibility for everyday styling.

Flaking Issue

One drawback of this gel is that it tends to cause flaking in my hair. After a few hours of application, I notice small white flakes, which can be quite noticeable and unattractive. It's disappointing as it affects the overall look and requires frequent touch-ups to avoid flaking.

Decent Performance, Average Hold

This gel performs decently, offering a reasonable hold for my hair. However, it doesn't excel in terms of longevity or extra-strength hold. It's an average product that gets the job done for everyday styling, but it might not meet the expectations of those seeking a stronger and longer-lasting hold.

Product Summary:

American Crew Firm Hold Gel is a versatile hair styling product that offers long-lasting and reliable hold, suitable for all hair types and textures. It is alcohol-free and features a scent that is both pleasant and masculine, yet it becomes unnoticeable after application, making it suitable for those who prefer a subtle fragrance.

This gel is known for providing a wet look, enhancing the natural texture of hair while adding body and bounce. It is effective in defining curls, contributing to a well-styled appearance. The product's holding power lasts throughout the day, and it is noted for its ease of washing out. The longevity of the product is impressive, with it lasting up to a year in hair.

The large size of American Crew Firm Hold Gel offers great value, being cost-effective with a lower price per ounce compared to smaller sizes. However, users should be aware of some potential downsides. The gel can leave hair feeling crunchy and stiff if overused. It may also leave a sticky residue, and the scent, while initially pleasant, may become too overpowering for some. Therefore, it's important to apply the gel in moderation to achieve the desired hold and look without these issues.