Ampro Pro Styl Gel Review


  • Provides a firm strong hold.


  • Pleasant scent found.


  • Provides a natural-looking hold without a stiff or overly noticeable appearance.
  • Gives a comfortable feel and effortless look, as if no product is being used.


  • The Ampro Pro Styl Gel has a smooth and creamy texture that spreads easily through the hair.
  • It provides a firm hold without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.


  • $2-$5.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for curly hair, keeping it smooth and in place throughout the day without any flaking.
  • Also good for thin and thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • Ampro Pro Styl Gel is known for its long-lasting hold, keeping your hairstyle intact throughout the day.
  • This gel has a reputation for withstanding humidity and maintaining its hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive application can result in a heavy and weighed-down appearance, compromising the desired neatness.
  • Overuse of the product may lead to a sticky and unmanageable texture, detracting from its intended benefits.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold for long-lasting styles

I absolutely love this gel! It provides amazing hold for my hair, allowing me to create long-lasting styles that stay in place all day. It also doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy. Highly recommend!

Strong fragrance overpowering

The smell of this gel is just too strong for me. It lingers in my hair all day and even gives me a headache. I wish they had a fragrance-free option because the performance of the gel itself is pretty good.

Defines curls beautifully

This gel is a holy grail for curly hair! It defines my curls beautifully, leaving them bouncy and frizz-free. It doesn't weigh down my hair and keeps my curls intact throughout the day. Definitely a game-changer in my haircare routine.

Decent hold, but leaves residue

The hold of this gel is decent, but I've noticed that it leaves a residue in my hair. It feels a bit sticky and makes my hair look dull. I have to wash my hair more frequently when using this gel to avoid build-up. It's an okay option if you don't mind the residue.

Doesn't work well on fine hair

I have fine hair and unfortunately, this gel doesn't work well for me. It weighs down my hair and makes it look flat. It also doesn't provide enough hold to keep my hairstyle in place for more than a couple of hours. Disappointed with the results.

Decent gel for everyday use

This gel is okay for everyday use. It provides a moderate hold and helps tame frizz to some extent. However, it doesn't give me the long-lasting hold I need for special occasions or events. Works fine for casual styling but falls short for more formal looks.

Product Summary:

The Ampro Pro Styl Gel is a popular hair styling product, renowned for its excellent hold and protection, available at Walmart. Its protein-infused formula, coupled with a pleasant scent, makes it a preferred choice for many customers. Users appreciate its ability to provide a natural-looking hold, avoiding stiffness or an obvious product look. The gel gives hair a comfortable feel and an effortless appearance, as if no product has been applied.

With a smooth and creamy texture, the gel is easy to spread through hair and offers a firm hold without leaving any sticky or greasy residue behind. Priced affordably between $2 and $5, it is particularly effective for curly hair, keeping it smooth and in place all day without flaking. The gel's thick consistency and natural black color contribute to its durability and ability to prevent flaking.

Ampro Pro Styl Gel is noted for its resistance to humidity, maintaining its hold over extended periods and ensuring hairstyles remain intact. While Ecostyle gel might be more suitable for a wash-and-go approach, Ampro Pro Styl Gel remains a reliable choice for other styling needs.

However, it's important to be cautious with the amount applied, as overuse can lead to a heavy, weighed-down look, detracting from the neatness of the hairstyle. Excessive application may also result in a sticky, unmanageable texture, which could diminish the product's benefits.