Ardell Three Flowers Brilliantine Pomade Review


  • Provides medium hold with high shine, best for fine, short hair and classic styles.
  • Doesn't offer a very strong hold, may need additional products for styles like pompadours.


  • The scent of the pomade is not overpowering.


  • Delivers old school, shiny hair look.
  • Ideal for both messy and slick back hairstyles, offering versatility.


  • The pomade has a pleasingly smooth texture.
  • Its texture enhances easy application and even distribution.


  • $5-$10.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for slicked back hairstyles, providing shine and fullness.
  • Works well for curly hair, offering good hold while maintaining curls.
  • Ensures smooth and manageable hair, irrespective of length.

Does It Last?

  • Maintains shine and control all day even in varying weather conditions.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Requires multiple washes to completely remove, not easily washed out with one shampooing.

Adding Too Much?

  • Overapplication can lead to overly glossy, rigid hairstyles.
  • May create excessive shine and volume if used too generously.

Customer Reviews:

Great Shine and Hold

I love this pomade! It really gives my hair a nice shine and hold without making it feel greasy. I've tried many different products, but this one takes the cake. I'm definitely sticking with it!

Unpleasant Smell

I'm really disappointed with the scent of this pomade. It's way too overpowering for me and lingers in my hair all day. I couldn't even use it after the first try because of this. The smell just ruins it for me.

Excellent for Styling

This pomade is great for styling my hair. It's not too heavy and doesn't weigh my hair down. I can easily shape my hair the way I want and it stays in place all day. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a reliable styling product.

Decent but Not Outstanding

The product is okay in terms of hold and shine, but it's nothing extraordinary. It works as stated but doesn't really stand out from other pomades I've used. It's a solid choice, but there might be better options out there.

Greasy Residue

I wasn't a fan of the residue this pomade left in my hair. It felt greasy and was tough to wash out. It would be a good product if not for this issue. I won't be purchasing it again due to this.

Good for Basic Styling

This pomade does the job for basic styling. It's not the best I've used, but it's not the worst either. It's just average. If you're looking for something basic and not too fancy, this could work for you.

Product Summary:

Ardell Three Flowers Brilliantine Pomade is a budget-friendly hair styling product that offers a medium hold with a high shine, making it suitable for fine, short hair and classic hair styles. While it works well for simpler styles, it might not provide enough hold for more elaborate hairstyles, such as pompadours, without the help of additional products. The pomade's scent is mature and masculine, providing a nostalgic appeal to users across different age groups.

The product has a smooth texture that facilitates easy application and even distribution. It's versatile enough for both messy and slicked-back looks, adding shine and fullness to hair. It also performs effectively on curly hair, offering good hold while preserving the curls. However, it may not be the best option for 4B natural hair types and might not align with the preferences of those who favor more modern hair products.

Despite its affordability, Ardell Three Flowers Brilliantine Pomade can last nearly two decades with moderate use. It maintains shine and control throughout the day, even in various weather conditions. However, the product might require multiple washings to be fully removed, as it doesn't easily wash out with just one shampooing.

While the pomade achieves a desirable look, overusing it on dry hair can lead to difficulty in application and wastefulness, resulting in greasy residues on hands and bathroom surfaces. Overapplication can also create overly glossy, rigid hairstyles, potentially necessitating additional products by the end of the day. In dry climates, excessive use may not achieve the desired neatness. Therefore, careful application is necessary to avoid excessive shine and volume.