Atlas Hair Pomade Wax Review


  • Firm and longlasting hold.
  • Maleable, high hold, low shine.


  • Subtle to strong scent.


  • It adds volume, shine, and texture to your hair.


  • Adds volume and definition.
  • Smoothes and controls frizz.
  • Creates longlasting texture.


  • Around $19.

Hair Type

  • Suitable for short, fine hair for extra volume.
  • Also works well for thicker hair
  • Great for curly hair to define curls.

Does It Last?

  • Resists humidity and sweat.
  • Lasts all day in hair.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily washes out with warm water.
  • No residue left behind in hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair feels greasy or waxy.

Customer Reviews:

Exceptional Hold

I've tried a variety of hair products, but none compare to this. Its hold is unparalleled, keeping my hairstyle intact all day long. Even in extreme weather, it doesn't let me down. I'm really impressed!

Overpowering Scent

While it does a good job holding my hair in place, the scent is just too overpowering for me. It's not necessarily a bad smell, but it's too strong and tends to linger all day. I find it a bit off-putting.

Non-greasy and Smooth Application

The non-greasy formula is a definite plus for me. It applies smoothly and doesn't leave any unwanted residue on my hands or hair. And it washes out easily, which is a huge bonus!

A Bit Pricey

While I appreciate the quality of this product, I find it a bit on the expensive side. There are cheaper alternatives available in the market that offer similar results. This might be a deal-breaker for some.

Adequate for Most Hair Types

It works adequately on most hair types, but I found it less effective on thicker hair. I had to use more than I would with other products. It wasn't a big issue for me, but it might be for others with similar hair types.

Product Summary:

Atlas Hair Pomade Wax is a high-quality styling product designed to offer a firm and enduring hold. It strikes a balance between a malleable, high hold and low shine, making it versatile for various hair styling needs. This wax is effective in adding volume, shine, and texture, and is adept at smoothing and controlling frizz while providing long-lasting texture.

The product is well-suited for short, fine hair, where it adds extra volume. It also works wonders on curly hair by defining curls, and is ideal for coarse and wavy hair, aiding in achieving perfect straightening. Atlas Hair Pomade Wax is resistant to humidity and sweat, ensuring that it maintains its hold throughout the day. It washes out easily with warm water without leaving any residue, which adds to its convenience of use.

Priced at around $19, the wax offers good value, but users should be mindful of the quantity applied. Excessive use can result in hair feeling greasy or waxy, so it's important to apply the right amount for the desired effect without overburdening the hair.