Axe Extreme Hold Gel Review


  • Holds hair well, easy to brush out for less hold.
  • Great cologneish scent, good for side swept styles.


  • Fresh scent that isn't overpowering.


  • Creates a good spiked up look.
  • Use sparingly for a natural look.
  • Matte finish, no shiny or wet look.
  • Great for achieving a messy look.


  • AXE Extreme Hold Gel has a thick and sticky texture that helps to hold hair in place.
  • It dries quickly and leaves no residue, giving hair a natural look and feel.


  • $6-$8.

Hair Type

  • Good for thick hair.
  • Holds hair in place without making it hard or crunchy.
  • Matte finish, natural look.

Does It Last?

  • Easy to work with, low shine, but doesn't last all day.
  • Hair starts falling down after half a day, av
  • Good for thick hair.
  • Holds hair in place without making it hard or crunchy.
  • Matte finish, natural look.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out of hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • AXE Extreme Hold Gel holds well without feeling sticky.
  • Too much may result in a stiff finish or dry scalp/skin.

Customer Reviews:

Leaves Residue

This gel does hold my hair in place, but it leaves a lot of residue. It's difficult to wash out and makes my hair feel greasy.

Easy to Use

This gel is so easy to use! It spreads evenly throughout my hair and doesn't clump or weigh it down. And again, the smell is fantastic!

Not for All Hair Types

I have thick, curly hair and this gel just doesn't work for me. It doesn't provide enough hold and makes my hair look frizzy. However, I've heard it works great for people with straight or fine hair.

Causes Flakes

I was really disappointed with this gel. Not only did it not hold my hair in place, but it also caused flakes and made my scalp itchy. I won't be using it again.

Decent Gel

This gel is decent. It provides a moderate hold and smells good, but it's nothing special. I'll keep using it until I find something better.

Product Summary:

Axe Extreme Hold Gel is a versatile hair gel designed for those who desire a manageable hold with the option to brush out for a lighter effect. It boasts a cologne-like fragrance that is distinct yet not overpowering, appealing to users who appreciate a subtle scent. This hair gel is particularly effective for side-swept hairstyles, offering good hold without being overly thick or viscous. While it can be used in smaller amounts to achieve a more natural look, users should be cautious of the potential for hair to clump or appear spiky when used in excess.

The gel is noted for its ability to maintain hair styles without leaving a greasy appearance, and its matte finish contributes to a natural hair look and feel. It's well-suited for creating messy hairstyles and is gluten-free, adding to its clean and comfortable usage experience. However, its thick and sticky texture, while effective in holding hair in place, might not be ideal for slicking down particularly thick hair. It offers a durable hold without causing hair to become hard or crunchy and is suitable for both fine and coarse hair types.

Some users have found the gel to be somewhat slimy before setting and not as strong as desired for very thick hair. Its ease of use and low shine are pluses, but its hold duration could be a concern, as hair might start to lose its style after half a day. Users are advised to avoid touching their hair for a more extended hold. The gel is conveniently washable, though it can feel slimy during the washing process. Overusing the gel might lead to a stiff finish or dry scalp and skin. Overall, AXE Extreme Hold Gel offers a good balance of hold, scent, and ease of use, making it a viable choice for various hair styling needs.