Badger Hair Pomade Review


  • Light soft hold.


  • Smell is pleasant, natural, sandalwood and initally strong.


  • Petroleum slick/wet look.
  • Natural look with flexibility.
  • Slight sheen to make hair.


  • Creates volume and movement.
  • Adds definition and control.
  • Enhances natural texture.


  • Not cheap.

Hair Type

  • Good for thick, coarse, or fine hair.
  • Provides a natural look and feel.

Does It Last?

  • Long lasting product.
  • Small amount needed for styling.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easier to wash out than petroleum based products.
  • Can be difficult to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair may become greasy, oily, flat, or have virtually no hold.
  • May leave an oily residue and be difficult to control.

Customer Reviews:

Impressive Hold and Texture

I've been using it for a couple of months now and I've got to say that its hold and texture are impressive. It keeps my hair in place without making it feel sticky or heavy. I like the natural look it gives to my hair.

Hard to Rinse Off

The major downside for me is that it's hard to rinse off. It seems to stick to my hair and scalp, and requires multiple washes to get rid of completely. It's a bit of a hassle, especially on busy mornings.

Perfect for Styling

When it comes to styling, it does a fantastic job. I can sculpt my hair in any style and it holds it well. I've gotten lots of compliments on my hair since I started using it.

Good for Styling, Tough to Wash Out

While it's great for creating the hairstyle I want, I find it difficult to wash out at the end of the day. It does take some extra effort to remove completely. It's a small compromise for a great styling product, but it's worth noting.

Overpowering Scent

While I appreciate a good fragrance in hair products, the scent in this one is a bit too strong for my liking. It lingers on my hair all day, which can be off-putting.

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about it. I appreciate the hold and texture it provides, but the strong scent and difficulty in washing it out are significant drawbacks. I'm still deciding if the positives outweigh the negatives.

Product Summary:

Badger Hair Pomade is a medium-hold styling product that stands out for its natural, organic ingredients. It offers a natural look and feel to hair, along with a slight sheen, making it ideal for those seeking a subtle finish. This pomade excels in adding definition, control, and movement, effectively enhancing the hair's natural texture.

Its versatility is notable, as it is suitable for a variety of hair types, including thick, coarse, and fine hair. The efficiency of the product means that only a small amount is needed for effective styling. However, users should be aware of some potential drawbacks. The pomade may be challenging to wash out, potentially leaving an oily residue. Moreover, if not used properly, it can make hair appear greasy, oily, or flat, and may not provide the desired level of hold. Therefore, it's important to use the product judiciously to achieve the best results while avoiding these issues.