Battle Born Grooming Pomade Review


  • Reworkable and medium hold.
  • Subtle and natural hold.


  • Mild, strong scent that's not overpowering.


  • Natural look with matte finish.
  • Holds up during work and sweat.
  • Ideal for those looking for a dry look.


  • Adds volume & body.
  • Creates definition & shape.
  • Adds hold & texture.


  • Good price and value.

Hair Type

  • Best for thick, straight hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types, including long & curly.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Hard to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair appears greasy/shiny, feels sticky/greasy, and has residue.
  • Heavy and clumpy, leaves white chunks and hard to work into hair.

Customer Reviews:

Excellent Hold for All-Day Styling

This pomade provides an excellent hold that keeps my hair in place throughout the day. It allows me to achieve my desired hairstyle with ease and maintains its hold even in challenging weather conditions. It's my go-to product for long-lasting styling.

Greasy Texture and Heavy Feel

Unfortunately, this pomade has a greasy texture that makes my hair look and feel heavy. It weighs my hair down and leaves a greasy residue, making it difficult to achieve a natural and lightweight look. I prefer pomades that offer a lighter and more manageable feel.

Nice Scent and Easy Application

This pomade has a pleasant scent that lingers throughout the day, adding a subtle fragrance to my hair. The application process is effortless, and the pomade spreads smoothly without clumping or leaving any residue. It's a pleasure to use for styling.

Moderate Hold and Versatility

This pomade offers a moderate hold that is suitable for various hairstyles. It provides enough control for everyday styling needs, but it may not hold up as well for more intricate or complex styles. It's a versatile option for those seeking a flexible hold.

Difficult to Wash Out and Leaves Residue

One major drawback of this pomade is that it is challenging to wash out completely. It leaves a noticeable residue in my hair, requiring multiple washes to remove. The residue makes my hair look dull and lifeless, creating an unappealing appearance.

Average Performance, Nothing Exceptional

This pomade delivers average performance without any standout qualities. It provides a standard hold and decent styling capabilities but doesn't offer any exceptional features. It's a middle-of-the-road option for those seeking a basic pomade for their styling needs.

Product Summary:

Battle Born Grooming Co Original Pomade is a versatile styling product that offers a medium hold with a subtle and natural appearance. It features a mild yet strong scent that is enduring, making it suitable for those who prefer a dry look. This pomade is effective in adding volume and body to hair, as well as creating definition, shape, hold, and texture.

Designed to be suitable for all hair types, the product is also cruelty-free, appealing to ethically conscious consumers. In terms of value, the price is reasonable, and the product tends to last longer than expected, making it a cost-effective option. While it is particularly well-suited for thick, straight hair, users should note that it can be challenging to wash out, often requiring multiple shampooings.

Additionally, the pomade can be difficult to wash off hands after application. Some users may find that it leaves hair feeling greasy, sticky, and with residue. It may require multiple washes to completely remove it from hair. Furthermore, the product can sometimes be clumpy and leave white chunks in the hair, and might be hard to work into the hair. These factors should be considered when deciding if Battle Born Grooming Co Original Pomade is the right choice for your styling needs.