BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay Review


  • Provides a strong hold for thick and unruly hair, with a choppy look that improves over time, despite the clay's hardness making it difficult to spread evenly, but offering a monster hold and a natural finish.


  • The scent is a pleasant combination of vanilla and melon, one of the best features, although some find it strong and chemical-based, but not overpowering once applied to hair.


  • Provides a great amount of volume and a matte, natural look, earning many compliments, with visually appealing packaging and the correct usage creating a natural appearance with added texture.


  • Stunning matte finish with excellent control and texture, pleasant waxy texture and lively scent, but may cause flaking if left in for over 12 hours.


  • $18-$25.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for thick, wavy, and unmanageable hair types, providing excellent control and styling capabilities, best when applied to styled hair for a smooth, long-lasting matte finish.

Does It Last?

  • The BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay is known for its long-lasting hold, suitable for various weather conditions, allowing hairstyles to stay in place throughout the day without constant touch-ups.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Some customers found it difficult to wash out, complaining about the product's lack of easy washability.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using too much can make hair heavy, reducing volume, with stickiness and difficulty in even distribution, may leave white residue if not washed out before bed, and can feel greasy towards the end of the day.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Texture

I absolutely love the hold and texture that the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay provides. It keeps my hair in place all day without feeling heavy or greasy. It also adds a nice matte finish to my hair, giving it a natural and effortless look.

Difficult to Wash Out

One major drawback of the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay is that it is extremely difficult to wash out of my hair. It requires multiple rounds of shampooing and even then, there is some residue left behind. This can be quite frustrating and time-consuming.

Long-Lasting Hold

The long-lasting hold of the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay is impressive. Even in humid weather or during physical activity, my hair stays in place throughout the day. It gives me the confidence that my hairstyle will remain intact no matter what.

Decent Texture but Not Ideal for Thin Hair

The texture provided by the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay is decent, but it might not be the best choice for those with thin hair. It can weigh down thin hair and make it look flat. However, for those with thicker hair, it can add volume and definition.

Leaves Residue and Build-Up

Unfortunately, the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay tends to leave residue and build-up in my hair over time. This not only makes my hair look greasy and dirty but also makes it harder to style. Regular clarifying shampooing is necessary to combat this issue.

Moderate Hold and Finish

The hold and finish provided by the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay are neither exceptional nor disappointing. It offers a moderate hold that keeps my hairstyle in place but may require some touch-ups throughout the day. The matte finish gives a natural look without any shine.

Product Summary:

The BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay is specifically designed for those with thick and unruly hair, offering a strong hold and the ability to create a choppy look that improves with time. Despite its hardness, which can make even spreading a challenge, the clay delivers a formidable hold and a natural finish. Its scent, a blend of vanilla and melon, is generally pleasant, though some users find it a bit strong and chemically tinged. Nonetheless, this scent becomes subtler when applied to hair.

This product is noted for providing considerable volume and a matte, natural look that has garnered many compliments. The packaging adds to its appeal. When used correctly, it enhances the hair's natural appearance and texture, leaving a stunning matte finish with excellent control. The clay's waxy texture is appealing, and its scent is lively, but it may cause flaking if left in the hair for over 12 hours.

Priced between $18 and $25, BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay is particularly effective for thick, wavy, and hard-to-manage hair types, providing strong control and styling options. It shows the best results when applied to already styled hair, ensuring a smooth, long-lasting matte look.

Known for its enduring hold, this clay keeps hairstyles in place all day, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. It has been lauded for its resilience in various weather conditions, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a reliable styling product. However, some users have reported difficulties in washing it out, and overuse can necessitate hot water for removal, which may be uncomfortable.

While the clay does offer a natural shine and firm hold, using too much can weigh down hair and diminish volume. It has an advantage over other clays in that it leaves less residue on hands during the day. However, its stickiness and hardness can make application challenging and may pull at the hair. It's advisable to use only a small amount due to its heavy wax nature, which can leave hair feeling sticky. Towel drying post-application can help reduce any excess shine.

Excessive use of the product can result in sticky hair and hands, and it might be hard to remove without showering. Unlike some products, it doesn't create a greasy feel but may seem greasy as the day progresses. If not washed out before bed, it could leave white residue.