BluMaan Meraki Hair Wax Review


  • Medium hold, does not hold for long.


  • Not too strong, but there's a scent.


  • Natural looking hair.
  • Holds hair without looking greasy.
  • Style thick hair for desired look.


  • Restyleable light texture.


  • Good product for a good price.

Hair Type

  • Perfect for thick hair types.
  • Not suitable for thin hair.

Does It Last?

  • Not quite all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily washable.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair becomes heavy and claylike.
  • Becomes greasy and cakey.
  • Tugging happens when applied to dry hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Natural Shine

This hair wax provides a great hold that lasts throughout the day, keeping my hairstyle in place. It also gives my hair a natural shine without making it look greasy or weighed down. I love how versatile and reliable this product is.

Difficult to Wash Out

One downside of this hair wax is that it is quite difficult to wash out completely. Even after multiple washes, there is still some residue left in my hair. It requires extra effort and specific hair products to remove it entirely.

Easy Application and Restyling

Applying this hair wax is a breeze as it has a smooth texture that spreads evenly through my hair. It also allows for easy restyling throughout the day without losing its hold, giving me the flexibility to change up my hairstyle as needed.

Moderate Hold, Suitable for Various Hair Lengths

This hair wax offers a moderate hold that works well for different hair lengths and styles. It provides enough control to keep my hair in place, but it may require touch-ups for longer-lasting styles or in more humid conditions.

Leaves Residue and Makes Hair Sticky

Unfortunately, this hair wax tends to leave residue on my hair, making it feel sticky and uncomfortable. It can also weigh down my hair if I apply too much product, resulting in a less desirable look and feel.

Average Performance, Not Outstanding

This hair wax performs adequately but doesn't stand out compared to other similar products. It offers a decent hold and styling capability, but it lacks that special factor that would make it truly exceptional.

Product Summary:

BluMaan Meraki Hair Wax serves as an effective pre-style product, particularly known for providing extra hold and volume. It emits a minty scent reminiscent of Chinese herbs, which is noticeable without being overpowering. The product is lightweight and non-sticky, adept at holding hair in place without leaving a greasy appearance.

Especially suitable for thick hair types, BluMaan Meraki Hair Wax facilitates styling to achieve the desired look. It's user-friendly, maintaining its hold throughout the day even in hot weather, and is recognized for being cost-effective. However, users should be aware that it can be somewhat reluctant to wash out.

There are some considerations to keep in mind when using this wax. Applying too much can make hair feel heavy and clay-like. Additionally, it might become greasy and cakey if applied to dry hair. Users may also experience some tugging when applying the product to dry hair. Therefore, it's important to use the appropriate amount and consider the hair's dampness for optimal application and styling results.