Brickell Firm Hold Pomade Review


  • Medium-Firm hold
  • All day hold with natural feel.


  • Light & fresh scent.
  • Mild & not overpowering.


  • Natural look with nongreasy finish.
  • Adds definition and thickness without feeling greasy.


  • Adds texture & separation.


  • Cost is high for small container.

Hair Type

  • Best for thick and wavy hair.
  • Gel like consistency for longer hair.
  • Good firm hold without greasy residue.
  • Holds well for thick, coarse, dull hair.

Does It Last?

  • Holds style & lasts all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out with no residual feeling.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can become sticky, greasy, or crusty.
  • Can leave a heavy, artificial feel and too much residue.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Shine

This pomade provides excellent hold and adds a nice shine to my hair. It keeps my hairstyle in place all day long and doesn't weigh it down.

Disappointing Texture

I was expecting a firmer hold from this pomade, but it feels too light and doesn't provide the level of control I need. My hair tends to lose its shape quickly.

Natural Finish

I love the natural finish this pomade gives to my hair. It doesn't look greasy or overly styled. It holds my hair well while still allowing it to move naturally.

Decent Hold, Average Shine

This pomade offers a decent hold that lasts throughout the day. However, I was hoping for more shine as the finish is more matte than expected.

Difficult to Wash Out

The pomade is quite difficult to wash out of my hair. It leaves a residue that requires multiple washes and extra effort to completely remove.

Moderate Hold, Lightweight Feel

This pomade offers a moderate hold without weighing my hair down. However, I was expecting a bit more hold for a "firm hold" pomade.

Product Summary:

Brickell Firm Hold Pomade is recognized as a high-quality styling product, offering a long-lasting, light hold that maintains a natural feel in the hair. This pomade is particularly well-suited for thick and wavy hair types, as it effectively adds definition and thickness without resulting in a greasy finish. Its mild and fresh scent enhances the styling experience, contributing to a natural look.

The pomade's gel-like consistency is user-friendly, facilitating easy application and allowing for effortless reshaping of hairstyles. The product's longevity is notable, with the potential to last several months, making it a practical choice for regular use. However, potential buyers should consider the cost, as it can be somewhat expensive, especially given the size of the container. Additionally, users should be cautious about overusing the product, as excessive application could lead to dry or damaged hair. Therefore, it's important to apply the right amount to achieve the desired styling results without causing any adverse effects on hair health.