Brylcreem 3 in 1 Hair Cream Review


  • Provides enough hold to keep flyaway hair in place and is cost-effective.
  • Holds hair down with minimal amount required, ideal for spikes without stiffness.


  • Pleasant, subtle scent that effectively conditions and revitalizes hair.


  • Adds a healthy, natural shine without making hair look greasy.
  • Leaves hair feeling clean, healthy, and styled with just a small amount.


  • The Brylcreem 3 in 1 Hair Cream has a smooth and creamy texture, making it easy to apply and distribute evenly throughout the hair.


  • $5-$10.

Hair Type

  • Perfect for any hair type.
  • Makes hair manageable and easy to style, especially when wet.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using too much of this product can leave your hair feeling greasy and your fingers slightly greasy if you run them through your hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great Styling and Hold

This hair cream provides excellent styling and hold for my hair. It helps me achieve the desired look that lasts throughout the day. Highly recommended!

Greasy and Heavy

I found this hair cream to be greasy and heavy on my hair. It made my hair look and feel weighed down, which was not the result I was looking for. Disappointing.

Nourishing and Healthy Hair

This 3 in 1 hair cream has greatly improved the health and nourishment of my hair. It feels much smoother and looks shinier than before. Love the results!

Moderate Hold and Styling

The hold and styling provided by this hair cream are decent. It does the job but doesn't stand out as exceptional. Average performance overall.

Unpleasant Scent

I found the scent of this hair cream to be quite unpleasant. It was overpowering and lingered in my hair throughout the day. Not a fan of the fragrance.

Mixed Results

I have had mixed results with this 3 in 1 hair cream. Sometimes it works well and provides good hold, but other times it doesn't hold up and my hairstyle falls apart. Inconsistent performance.

Product Summary:

Brylcreem 3 in 1 Hair Cream is a budget-friendly styling product that offers sufficient hold to manage flyaway hair, perfect for creating spikes without causing stiffness. It has a pleasant, subtle scent and effectively conditions and revitalizes hair. A small amount is enough to leave hair feeling clean, healthy, and well-styled. However, it's important to use the product sparingly to avoid an oily appearance.

This hair cream adds a healthy, natural shine without making hair look greasy. Its smooth, creamy texture allows for easy application and even distribution, while the lightweight consistency doesn't weigh down hair or leave greasy residue, ensuring a natural, non-sticky feel. The product is reasonably priced, ranging from $5 to $10.

It enhances hair color, leaving it smooth and silky, and is suitable for any hair type. The cream makes hair manageable and easy to style, particularly when wet, and offers long-lasting results. One tube can last for a considerable time, making it a cost-effective choice. This modernized version of the Brylcreem formula retains the quality remembered from high school days.

From personal experience, I find Brylcreem 3 in 1 Hair Cream to be exceptionally suited for my hair. It washes out easily, maintaining hair vitality and health. However, caution is advised to prevent greasiness; using the right amount is key. Despite potential greasiness with overuse, when applied correctly, the cream leaves hair soft and shiny without a greasy feel.