BYRD Hair Matte Medium Hold Pomade Review


  • Provides a reliable medium hold with a subtle low sheen finish, strong hold, and a pleasant light coconut scent, achieving a great overall look for short to medium length hair.


  • The scent is pleasant and effective for styling, more favorable than other strong-smelling options, with a matte finish and a positive, non-overpowering smell.


  • Long-lasting hold that keeps hair in place all day without losing shape or volume, providing a matte finish without greasy residue or flakes, perfect for dark brown hair.


  • The BYRD Hair Matte Medium Hold Pomade has a smooth, creamy texture that glides effortlessly through hair, providing a lightweight, non-greasy feel for easy application and styling.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Thick consistency and gray color may be challenging for fine or thin hair, with a texture and density more suitable for thicker or coarser hair types.

Does It Last?

  • Designed for long-lasting hold, keeping hairstyles intact throughout the day without flakiness or stickiness, offering reliable all-day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Known for being easy to wash out, convenient for low-maintenance routines, with a water-based formula that allows for effortless removal without residue or build-up.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using too much can result in dry, hard hair and frustration, with over-application leading to clumps and white dandruffy specks, making it difficult to use effectively.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and easy to style

I love how this pomade provides a medium hold that keeps my hair in place all day long. It's also very easy to style and gives my hair a natural matte finish. Highly recommend!

Strong scent and difficult to wash out

The scent of this pomade is quite overpowering and may not be enjoyable for everyone. Additionally, I found it difficult to wash out completely, which left my hair feeling greasy even after multiple washes.

Provides long-lasting hold

This pomade is amazing for keeping my hairstyle intact throughout the day. It provides a strong hold that lasts for hours without making my hair look stiff or unnatural. Definitely my go-to product!

Decent hold but leaves residue

The hold of this pomade is decent, but I noticed that it tends to leave a residue on my hair. It's not too noticeable, but it can make my hair feel a bit weighed down. Overall, it's an okay product.

Difficult to apply evenly

I had a hard time applying this pomade evenly throughout my hair. It tends to clump up in certain areas, making it challenging to achieve a consistent look. Disappointed with the application process.

Average performance, nothing exceptional

This pomade does an okay job in terms of hold and styling, but it doesn't stand out from other similar products. It's neither impressive nor disappointing, just an average choice for hair styling.

Product Summary:

The BYRD Hair Matte Medium Hold Pomade stands out as a dependable styling product, particularly well-suited for short to medium-length hair. It offers a medium hold with a subtle low sheen finish, ideal for achieving a polished look. One of its appealing features is its light coconut scent, which is pleasantly mild compared to other more pungent alternatives. This pomade ensures effective styling without leaving behind any greasy residue or flakes.

Its texture is smooth and creamy, which facilitates easy application and versatile styling. However, its thick consistency and gray color might pose challenges, especially for those with fine or thin hair. It tends to be more favorable for individuals with thicker or coarser hair types.

Designed to maintain hairstyles throughout the day, the BYRD Hair Matte Medium Hold Pomade delivers long-lasting hold without flakiness or stickiness. Its water-based formula contributes to its ease of washing out, making it a convenient choice for those seeking a hassle-free styling routine. The pomade can be easily removed with water, leaving no residue or buildup in the hair.

However, users should be cautious with the amount used; overuse can result in hair becoming dry and hard, potentially leading to damage and frustration. Excessive application may also cause the formation of clumps and white dandruff-like specks, compromising its effectiveness. To achieve the best results, it is advisable to use the pomade in moderation.