BYRD Slick Pomade Review


  • Provides a fantastic scent and perfect hold, allowing for easy styling changes throughout the day, with a strong hold yet remaining flexible, making it great for thicker hair.


  • The scent is very subtle and pleasant, unlikely to clash with other fragrances, although quite faint.


  • Provides a fantastic and impressive appearance for hair.


  • The pomade has a texture resembling elementary school glue that becomes waxy, stiff, then oily and slick in the hair, challenging to remove from hands and hair, requiring extra effort to wash out at the end of the day.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for super thick hair, the Classic variant provides excellent hold and styling control, effectively taming and styling the thickest of hair types.

Does It Last?

  • Requires multiple washes and conditioner to completely remove from hair, with difficulty in thorough cleansing.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Some users find it frustrating that the pomade doesn't completely wash out even after showering, holding well but difficult to wash off hands due to its paraben wax base.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive application may lead to build-up and difficulty in restyling hair throughout the day, with overuse resulting in excessive residue, challenging to restyle as desired.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and shine

I absolutely love BYRD Slick Pomade! It provides a great hold for my hair and adds a nice shine without making it look greasy. I can style my hair exactly how I want it and it stays in place all day. Highly recommend!

Disappointing scent

I had high hopes for BYRD Slick Pomade, but the scent is quite disappointing. It has a strong chemical smell that lingers throughout the day. It's a shame because the performance of the pomade itself is decent, but the scent ruins the overall experience for me.

Easy to wash out

One of the things I really appreciate about BYRD Slick Pomade is how easy it is to wash out of my hair. Unlike some other pomades I've tried, this one doesn't leave a greasy residue that requires multiple washes to remove. A simple rinse with water and it's gone. Makes styling my hair hassle-free!

Decent hold, average shine

BYRD Slick Pomade provides a decent hold for my hair, but I was hoping for a bit more shine. It gives a subtle shine, but if you're looking for a really glossy finish, this may not be the best option. Overall, it's a decent product that does the job without being exceptional.

Leaves hair sticky

I'm quite disappointed with BYRD Slick Pomade as it leaves my hair feeling sticky and weighed down. Even when using a small amount, it doesn't seem to fully absorb into my hair and leaves behind a tacky residue. Not a pleasant experience to touch my hair throughout the day.

Neutral performance

BYRD Slick Pomade is neither impressive nor disappointing. It provides an average hold and a subtle shine. It doesn't stand out from other similar products on the market, but it also doesn't have any major flaws. If you're looking for a basic pomade, this could be a viable option.

Product Summary:

BYRD Slick Pomade stands out for its excellent scent and perfect hold, enabling easy styling adjustments during the day. It is especially effective for those with thicker hair, offering a strong yet flexible hold. The pomade’s scent is subtle and agreeable, making it unlikely to conflict with other fragrances. When applied, it gives hair an impressive look, starting with a texture akin to elementary school glue that transforms into a waxy, stiff, and eventually oily and slick finish. However, this product can be difficult to remove from both hands and hair, necessitating extra effort during washout at the end of the day.

The Classic variant of BYRD Slick Pomade is particularly well-suited for super thick hair, as it provides exceptional hold and styling control. This pomade is adept at managing and styling even the most unmanageable thick hair types. However, its removal can be challenging, often requiring multiple washes and the use of conditioner to fully cleanse the hair. This aspect might be inconvenient for some users. Additionally, overusing the product can lead to build-up and make it harder to restyle the hair throughout the day.

In summary, BYRD Slick Pomade is an effective styling tool for maintaining thick hair. It delivers on its promise of hold and styling capability, but users should be prepared for the extra effort required for removal and be cautious of potential build-up from overapplication.