CHI Styling Cream Gel Review


  • Provides a strong hold for hair styling and keeping hair in place all day.
  • Holds hair firmly without stiffness or stickiness for versatile styling options.


  • Pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering.


  • The CHI Styling Cream Gel provides a sleek and polished look to the hair.
  • It adds shine and smoothness, making the hair appear healthy and well-groomed.


  • The CHI Styling Cream Gel has a lightweight and creamy texture that effortlessly glides onto the hair.
  • It provides a smooth and non-sticky feel, allowing for easy application and styling.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for fine hair, providing volume and frizz control.
  • Also suitable for thick hair, adding manageability and enhancing natural curls.

Does It Last?

  • This product ensures that your desired hairstyle stays in place throughout the day, providing a reliable and lasting hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Avoid using too much to prevent a heavy and sticky feel, which can make hair feel dry and unpleasant.

Customer Reviews:

Great for styling

I absolutely love the CHI Styling Cream Gel! It's perfect for creating different hairstyles and holds my hair in place all day long. It adds a nice shine to my hair without making it feel greasy. Highly recommend!

Leaves residue

I'm quite disappointed with the CHI Styling Cream Gel. It leaves a sticky residue on my hair that is difficult to wash off. It also weighs my hair down, making it look flat and lifeless. Not a fan of this product.

Defines curls beautifully

The CHI Styling Cream Gel is a game-changer for my curly hair! It defines my curls beautifully and eliminates frizz. It also adds moisture to my hair, leaving it soft and manageable. I can't imagine my hair care routine without this product now.

Decent hold, but nothing extraordinary

The CHI Styling Cream Gel provides a decent hold for my hair, but it's not anything extraordinary. It doesn't give me the long-lasting hold I was hoping for. However, it doesn't make my hair feel stiff or crunchy, which is a plus. Overall, it's an average styling product.

Caused scalp irritation

Unfortunately, the CHI Styling Cream Gel caused irritation on my scalp. After using it for a few days, I noticed redness and itchiness. It's a shame because I liked the way it styled my hair, but I can't continue using it due to the discomfort it causes.

Average performance, nothing exceptional

The CHI Styling Cream Gel works okay for my hair, but it doesn't wow me. It provides a moderate hold and adds a bit of shine, but there are other products out there that do a better job. It's not bad, but it's not exceptional either.

Product Summary:

The CHI Styling Cream Gel is a versatile hair styling product that offers a strong hold, ensuring hairstyles stay in place throughout the day. It achieves this without causing stiffness or stickiness, resulting in a sleek, polished hair appearance.

Initially, the gel has a strong masculine scent that some might find appealing. This fragrance becomes milder and more pleasant as the hair dries, especially when air-dried.

Its lightweight, creamy texture allows for smooth application, providing a non-sticky feel that facilitates easy styling. The CHI Styling Cream Gel is particularly beneficial for fine hair, adding volume and controlling frizz, and equally effective for thick hair, enhancing manageability and natural curls.

Designed to offer long-lasting hold and control for all hair types, it ensures hairstyles remain intact throughout the day. While the gel washes out of hair easily, it can be challenging to remove from hands, indicating potential difficulty in complete hair removal.

The product adds body and shine without drying out the hair. It allows for easy drying and styling without leaving a sticky or heavy sensation. However, excessive use can lead to hair feeling heavy, sticky, and unpleasantly dry.

In summary, the CHI Styling Cream Gel stands out for its strong hold, sleek appearance, and evolving fragrance, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a versatile hair styling solution.