Crius Cosmetics Hair Pomade Review


  • Medium hold.


  • Smell is pleasant & subtle.
  • A variety of scents & no strong smell.


  • Provides natural shine & fuller look.
  • Holds hair in place, reworkable.
  • Matte, natural look.


  • Natural, matte texture.


  • Product cost is good, ~$10.

Hair Type

  • Best for thin hair.
  • Works okay in thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • All day soft reworkable hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Difficult to wash out of hair and hands.
  • Requires extra effort to remove.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair can feel greasy, heavy, or sticky with too much product.
  • Can leave a residue on hands and hair can be dry or crunchy.

Customer Reviews:

Great Control and Finish

I am really impressed with its hold and the matte finish it gives my hair. It's been a game-changer in managing my unruly locks. It's hard to find a product that does its job this well.

Not Ideal for Thicker Hair

While it may work for others, it does not seem to handle my thick hair well. I struggle to get the hold I need, even after using quite a bit of it.

Washes Out Easily

One thing I absolutely love about it is how easily it washes out. No more spending ages trying to get all the product out of my hair.

Good But A Bit Pricey

It performs well and I enjoy using it, but the price point is a bit higher than I'd like. If it were a bit cheaper, it would be perfect.

Can Be a Bit Flaky

My main issue is that it can sometimes flake and make it look like I have dandruff, especially if I use too much. It's a bit disappointing.

Neutral on Scent

While it doesn't smell bad, the scent is a little too subtle for my liking. I prefer my hair products to have a more noticeable fragrance.

Product Summary:

The Crius Cosmetics Hair Pomade is recognized for its ability to deliver both hold and shine, leveraging natural ingredients in its formulation. This product is appreciated for its ease of washing out and its pleasant, understated aroma. An additional benefit is its versatility, as it comes in a range of scents to suit different preferences. Priced between $9 and $14 for a 2oz tin, it offers good value for money and is designed to provide a variety of finishes, from matte to wet/clean and natural looks.

This pomade effectively adds body and softness to hair, assists in creating natural-looking waves, and enhances shine. However, users may encounter some challenges with this product. While it generally washes out easily, there can be difficulties in completely removing it from hair and hands, sometimes leaving a residue. Additionally, applying too much of the pomade can result in hair feeling greasy, heavy, or sticky, and may lead to a loss of hair highlights. Therefore, it's important to use the product judiciously to avoid these potential drawbacks and achieve the best styling results.