Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel Review


  • Hold is not super strong, light-to-medium.


  • The fresh smell adds to the product.


  • Enhances hair's shine and glossiness, creating a beautiful appearance.
  • Provides a healthy and vibrant look to your hair.


  • Very thick consistency, a little goes a long way.
  • Thick texture the product gives leads to better curl/wave patterns.


  • $3.99-$5.99.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for natural waves, providing hydration and shine.
  • Works well on curly, wavy, thick, and frizzy hair, giving hold without weighing down.

Does It Last?

  • Light all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Users find it easy to rinse out, leaving hair feeling clean and refreshed after use.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excess use leaves hair dry and crunchy to the touch.
  • Over-application can result in a dried-out feeling.

Customer Reviews:

Enhances Shine and Glossiness

The fresh smell of the product is absolutely amazing, making my hair look vibrant and healthy.

Hold Doesn't Last Long

Unfortunately, the hold didn't last long, requiring me to use a satin scarf or brush to keep my curls in place.

Thick Consistency

The thick texture of the product means a little goes a long way, giving my hair a beautiful appearance.

Dried Out Hair Feeling

Over-application left my hair feeling dry and crunchy, which was disappointing despite the easy washout.

Slow Drying Time

The thick consistency led to a slower drying time, affecting my curl/wave pattern.

Product Summary:

The Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel offers a light-to-medium hold, enhanced by a fresh smell that adds a pleasant touch to the styling experience. While the hold isn't super strong, it effectively enhances hair's shine and glossiness, providing a healthy and vibrant look.

This gel has a very thick consistency, suggesting that a little goes a long way, which is beneficial for defining curl and wave patterns without using excessive amounts. Priced between $3.99 and $5.99, it's an affordable option for those looking to maintain natural waves and add hydration and shine. It works exceptionally well on curly, wavy, thick, and frizzy hair types by offering hold without weighing the hair down.

Despite its virtues, the gel is light enough to last all day and can be easily rinsed out, leaving hair feeling clean and refreshed. However, users should be cautious with the amount applied; excessive use can leave hair dry and crunchy, potentially leading to a dried-out feeling if over-applied.