Equate Styling Gel Review


  • The gel gives a strong, long-lasting hold to the hair
  • Hair remains flexible after use.


  • Strong, perfume-like scent perceived as unpleasant.
  • Overly chemical smell that lingers throughout the day.


  • Equate Styling Gel provides a sleek, well-groomed look to the hair, making it ideal for various hairstyles and types.


  • The texture of the Equate Styling Gel is thick and slightly sticky, ensuring a firm hold on the hair.
  • Despite its thickness, the gel is easily spreadable and smooth to touch, allowing easy application throughout the hair.


  • $3-$5.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for users with super fine hair for superior hold.
  • Hold may not be sufficient for longer hair types.

Does It Last?

  • The Equate Styling Gel is known for its long-lasting hold that can keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Equate Styling Gel is designed for effortless removal; it can be easily washed out with your regular shampoo, leaving no residue behind.

Adding Too Much?

  • Overusing Equate Styling Gel can lead to product build-up on the hair and scalp, making the hair appear greasy and flat, instead of giving it the desired style or volume.

Customer Reviews:

Excellent Hold!

I love how this gel holds my hair in place all day. It doesn't make my hair hard or crunchy like other gels I've tried. I'm definitely sticking with this one.

Unpleasant Scent

I was really disappointed with the scent of the gel. It's too overpowering and not at all pleasant. I wouldn't recommend it if you're sensitive to strong smells.

Great Value for Money

The price point is fantastic, especially for the quantity and quality of the product. It certainly delivers more than what it costs. Highly recommend it for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

Good but Not Great

The gel is good for everyday use. It holds up fairly well, but I wouldn't rely on it for special occasions or for long days. It's average at best.

Dries Out My Hair

While this gel does hold well, it dries out my hair significantly. I've noticed my hair becoming brittle since starting to use it. If you have dry hair, I'd suggest looking for another product.

Decent Product Overall

It's a decent product. Not the best gel I've used, but also not the worst. If you're looking for a middle-of-the-road product, this could be it.

Product Summary:

Equate Styling Gel is formulated to give hair a sleek, polished appearance for various hairstyles. Its thick, slightly sticky texture delivers a strong, enduring hold that helps keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day. Although it is thick, the gel is easy to spread, simplifying application. This product is notably effective for those with super fine hair, providing an excellent hold.

However, for longer hair types, Equate Styling Gel may not offer adequate hold, and its performance can vary depending on environmental factors like humidity and wind. The gel has a strong, perfume-like scent, which might not be appealing to everyone as it tends to last all day.

Designed for hassle-free removal, the gel can be easily washed out with regular shampoo without leaving behind any residue. This eliminates the need for aggressive scrubbing or special cleansers. Nevertheless, using too much of this product can result in hair looking greasy and flat, causing stiffness, difficulty in managing hair, and possibly leading to scalp irritation or dryness.

Equate Styling Gel offers a lasting hold and is easily removable, making it a practical styling choice. With a price range of $3 to $5, it's an affordable option. However, it might not be the best choice for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances or prefer lighter gel consistencies.