Every Man Jack Thickening Paste Review


  • Lightweight and flexible hold.


  • The product has a scent-free formula, making it ideal for those who prefer no fragrance.


  • Every Man Jack Thickening Paste provides a natural and textured look to the hair.
  • It gives the hair added volume and thickness, creating a fuller and more defined hairstyle.


  • The paste has a creamy and smooth texture that is easy to apply and distribute throughout the hair.
  • This paste allows for easy styling and re-styling without leaving any residue or stickiness.


  • $8-$15.

Hair Type

  • Suitable for all hair types.

Does It Last?

  • The product's unique formula ensures that the thickening effect lasts throughout the day, even in high humidity or windy conditions.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Every Man Jack Thickening Paste is easy to wash out, ensuring that you can effortlessly remove the product from your hair without any residue or buildup.

Adding Too Much?

  • Can weigh down your hair, making it look greasy and flat.
  • Excessive application of this product can also make your hair feel heavy and difficult to style, resulting in a messy and unkempt appearance.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding volume

This thickening paste works wonders for adding volume to my hair. It gives my hair a fuller and thicker appearance without weighing it down. I love how easy it is to apply and it lasts throughout the day.

Disappointing hold

I was excited to try this thickening paste, but unfortunately, it didn't hold my hair well. It didn't provide the strong hold I was looking for, and my hair would lose its style after just a few hours. I had to reapply multiple times throughout the day.

Natural ingredients

I appreciate that this thickening paste is made with natural ingredients. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances, which is important to me. It has a pleasant scent and doesn't irritate my scalp.

Decent texture, but not long-lasting

The texture of this thickening paste is nice and it provides some added volume to my hair. However, I find that the effects don't last very long. By mid-day, my hair starts to lose its volume and I need to reapply to maintain the desired look.

Leaves residue on hair

After using this thickening paste, I noticed that it leaves a residue on my hair. It makes my hair look greasy and weighed down. I have to wash my hair frequently to remove the residue, which is quite inconvenient.

Average performance

This thickening paste delivers average results. It does add some volume to my hair, but nothing extraordinary. It's neither a standout nor a disappointment. It's just a decent product that gets the job done.

Product Summary:

Every Man Jack Thickening Paste is designed to give hair a natural and textured look, effectively adding volume and thickness for a fuller, more defined hairstyle. Its creamy and smooth texture ensures easy application, enabling even distribution throughout the hair. The product offers a lightweight and flexible hold, free from any residue or stickiness, making it suitable for all hair types.

One of the notable aspects of this thickening paste is that it is completely odorless, catering to those who prefer fragrance-free hair products. It is formulated to provide a long-lasting hold and enhanced volume, maintaining effectiveness even in conditions of high humidity or wind. The thickening effect is durable, lasting throughout the day, and the product washes out easily, leaving hair feeling clean and refreshed.

However, users should be cautious not to overapply the product. Excessive use can lead to hair becoming weighed down, resulting in a greasy, flat appearance that can be difficult to style. To achieve the best results, it's recommended to use the paste in moderation.