Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat Review


Strong all day hold. Depending on your hair length, you can supplement with hair spray, but not required.


Smells like apple, although some containers can smell like roses. The initial smell wears off very quickly and doesn’t stick around.


No shine, natural matte look. Will not leave hair greasy at all. Great for the messy hair look.


Creates dry textured look.


Very inexpensive, can be found on the web for ~$10.

Hair Type

Works on either thin or thick hair. We found it actually works really well with thicker hair. Longer hair tends to have more build-up.

Does It Last?

Can reshape throughout the day. Stands up to humility.

Easy To Wash Out?

Depending on on how much you put in hair, washing out can be difficult. Can leave the hair sticky.

Adding Too Much?

Don't add too much, hair becomes like a helmet. A little goes a long way. Hair can feel a little dry if you use a lot.

Product Summary:

I noticed no shine when using this wax, actually very mat. Compared to other Gatsby hair products (Pink, Purple, Green, etc.), the constantly is more creamy, less sticky. This it is very easy to work though your hair, wet or dry. I noticed no pulling when applying in the hair, as compared to Pink, Purple. I believe this is the go-to product in the Gatsby line with longer hair, if you want the messy look. It doesn’t leave a lasting smell in the hair.

Like all Gatsby products, it is also very hard to wash out. I would recommend starting out with a little amount (tip of two fingers) first to avoid wax build up. I have sometimes followed this up with some hairspray for extra hold. I for sure can go all day with this wax. It also is very easy to rework throughout the day if needed.

Customer Reviews:

Perfect Hold with a Natural Finish!

What a fantastic experience! Its texture is delightfully smooth and applies easily. It offers a hold that lasts throughout the day without the glossy shine. It made my hair look effortlessly styled, yet natural. Highly recommended!

Overpowering Scent

While it provided a good hold, I was put off by its scent. It was far too strong and lingers all day, making it difficult for me to appreciate its functionality. If you're sensitive to fragrances, this might not be the product for you.

Unbeatable Value for Money

Having used numerous hair styling products, this one truly stands out for its quality and price. It does the job of premium brands without breaking the bank. Thumbs up for such an incredible value!

Average Performance, Nothing Special

It’s okay, does its job of providing a decent hold, but there's nothing extraordinary about it. I was expecting more based on the buzz around this product, but it was just alright. A decent product overall.

Difficult to Wash Out

I found it incredibly difficult to wash out at the end of the day. It left a residue in my hair that needed multiple rinses to fully remove. This really took away from the overall experience for me.

Not Bad, But Not Outstanding

It offers a decent hold and matte finish, but there's room for improvement, particularly with the scent and ease of washing out. However, for its price point, it’s a fair purchase.

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