Gatsby Loose Shuffle Hair Wax Review


  • Good remoldable hold for thick hair.
  • Different options for desired hold.
  • Smell

    • Product has amazing smell.


    • Exceptional messy hair look.
    • Provides hold and shine without stiffness.
    • Natural appearance.


    • Delivers reworkable, tousled texture.


    • Inexpensive hair product.

    Hair Type

    • Best for straight/wavy hair.
    • Ideal for thick hair.

    Does It Last?

    • Longlasting in hair.

    Easy To Wash Out?

    • Product washes out easily with water.

    Adding Too Much?

    • Hair feels greasy with too much product.
    • Residue is difficult to remove.
    • Product is not too sticky but can weigh hair down.

    Customer Reviews:

    Perfect for Styling

    I've used a lot of hair products, and this one stands out for its styling capabilities. It's easy to work with, and I can achieve the messy, casual look I love so much. It doesn't weigh down my hair at all.

    A Bit Greasy

    While it does help style my hair, I'm not too fond of the greasy feel it leaves. Despite using small amounts, it still makes my hair feel somewhat oily, which is not what I expected.

    Long-lasting Hold

    I'm absolutely thrilled about how long it keeps my hair styled. I've been through long workdays and nights out, and my hair remained in place. Definitely a product I can rely on for long-lasting hold.

    Not for All Hair Types

    It's a decent product, but it seems to work better for certain hair types. For my fine hair, it requires a bit more product to hold the style, and this could lead to a heavy feeling. But I think it would work great for people with thicker hair.

    Difficult to Wash Out

    My main gripe with it is how tough it is to wash out. I usually have to shampoo my hair multiple times to completely remove it, which can be a hassle, especially if you're in a rush.

    Good for Occasional Use

    It's a good product for occasional use when you want your hairstyle to last. However, due to its greasiness and difficulty to wash out, I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use.

    Product Summary:

    The GATSBY Moving Rubber Loose Shuffle Hair Wax is a highly regarded hair styling product, especially favored by those with thick hair. It offers a versatile hold that can be remolded to achieve various styling preferences, making it a flexible option for different hair types and styles.

    This wax is noted for providing both hold and shine without causing hair to become stiff, which is a common issue with many hair styling products. Users have particularly praised its amazing smell, adding a sensory pleasure to the styling experience.

    It excels in managing curly hair, another significant advantage, as curly hair can often be challenging to style effectively. Additionally, it's appreciated for not sticking to hands, which makes the application process cleaner and more convenient.

    The wax is adept at creating a range of hairstyles, from a messy slickback look to a more natural appearance, as well as tousled, beachy waves. Its versatility in styling is a key selling point for many users.

    Regarding pricing, the product is considered to be a good value for its cost. It is particularly well-suited for straight/wavy hair, ideal for thick hair types, and works excellently for Asian hair types, indicating its broad applicability.

    In terms of longevity, the wax is long-lasting in hair, ensuring that styles hold up over time, yet it washes out easily with water, which is convenient for users who prefer a hassle-free removal process.

    However, users should be cautious about using the right amount of product. Over-application can lead to hair feeling greasy, and the residue might be difficult to remove. While the wax is not overly sticky, it has the potential to weigh hair down if used excessively.