Gatsby Wild Shake Hair Wax Review


  • Exceptional strong hold, easy to work with.


  • Product does have a smell.
  • Green apple scent.


  • Matte look with great hold.
  • Natural look with enough hold.


  • Offers wild, rugged texture & hold.


  • Affordable product with great value.

Hair Type

  • Best for short wavy/curly hair.
  • Ideal for fine, sparse hair.
  • Great for thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • Holds all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Difficult to wash out with shampoo.
  • May require multiple washes to remove.

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much product makes hair sticky.
  • Can leave a thick residue.
  • Hair may feel slightly sticky to touch.

Customer Reviews:

Impressive Texture and Volume

I'm genuinely impressed with the texture and volume it adds to my hair. I can create wild and tousled styles with ease. It gives my hair a nice lift without making it feel heavy or weighed down.

Can Be Tough to Wash Out

My only gripe is that it can be quite tough to wash out. I usually need to shampoo my hair twice to fully remove it. This could be a concern if you're trying to avoid over-washing your hair.

Long-lasting Hold

I really appreciate its long-lasting hold. Once applied, my hairstyle stays in place all day, regardless of the weather or my activity level. It truly lives up to its "wild shake" name.

Decent but Requires Experimentation

It's a decent hair wax, but it took some time and experimentation to figure out the right amount to use. Too much can make your hair look greasy, while too little may not hold the style well.

Overpowering Scent

While it performs well in terms of hold and texture, the scent is a bit overpowering for me. It lingers for a long time and can clash with my other grooming products.

Good for Specific Styles

It works well for creating tousled and wild looks, but it might not be the best choice for sleek or polished styles. I would recommend it for casual and adventurous hairstyles, but perhaps not for formal events.

Product Summary:

Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake Hair Wax is a well-regarded hair styling product, particularly favored for its strong hold and user-friendly application. It has gained popularity among a wide range of users, including those with thick hair, for whom it seems particularly well-suited.

The wax is appreciated for its appealing scent, which, although not matching the popularity of the green apple scent of another variant, still holds its charm and lasts throughout the day. This feature enhances the overall styling experience, making it enjoyable for users who value a good fragrance in their hair products.

In terms of styling, Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake Hair Wax offers a matte look, contributing to a natural appearance while still providing ample hold. This balance between a strong hold and a natural finish is a key selling point, making it a popular choice among teenagers and those seeking a versatile styling product.

The product is recognized for its affordability and value, offering quality styling at a reasonable price. It works exceptionally well for short wavy/curly hair and is also an ideal solution for fine, sparse hair. Additionally, its effectiveness on thick, coarse Asian hair makes it a versatile choice for various hair types.

The wax's long-lasting nature is another advantage, with the product remaining effective for months. However, users should be aware of its potential challenges in washing out. It may require multiple shampoo applications to fully remove, which could be a consideration for those who prefer easy-to-wash-out products.

Caution is advised regarding the amount of product used, as over-application can lead to hair becoming sticky and leaving a thick residue. Users might also experience a slightly sticky touch to the hair after use. Keeping these factors in mind will help users maximize the benefits of Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake Hair Wax while minimizing any drawbacks.