GOIPLE Edge Control Hold Non greasy Edge Smoother Review


  • Holds edges in place all day, even on coarse hair.


  • The scent is nice, providing a pleasant aroma.


  • Provides a stylish smooth look with no flaking, unlike other edge controls and gels.
  • Gives a sleek, shiny finish without greasiness, perfect for a defined style.


  • Thick texture ideal for slicking back ponytails and buns.
  • Only a small amount needed, doesn't weigh hair down.


  • $5-$10.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for thick 4c natural hair, effortlessly laying down edges for sleek results.
  • Works wonders on stubborn 4A-4b curly hair, keeping edges sleek and neat all day.

Does It Last?

  • Provides long-lasting hold without turning hair white or flaking edges.
  • Lasts throughout the day without needing frequent reapplication.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Requires frequent washing for easy removal.
  • May leave white residue if not washed out regularly.

Adding Too Much?

  • Applying excess product may result in a sticky residue that is difficult to remove.
  • Using too much can lead to a heavy, greasy look and feel on the hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold

The product provides an excellent hold for my edges without feeling greasy.

Greasy Texture

I found the product to be too greasy, leaving my hair feeling weighed down.

Smooth Finish

The product helps to create a sleek and polished look for my edges.

Decent Performance

The product worked okay for me, but I didn't notice any significant improvement in hold or smoothness.

Unpleasant Scent

I was not a fan of the scent of the product, which was quite off-putting to me.

Average Results

The product delivered average results for me, neither impressing nor disappointing me.

Product Summary:

The GOIPLE Edge Control provides a reliable solution for managing and styling edges, especially on coarse hair. It holds edges in place all day, delivering a smooth, sleek look without flakiness or greasiness. The pleasant scent enhances the styling experience, while its thick texture is perfect for creating polished ponytails and buns without weighing down the hair.

It's particularly effective on thick 4c natural hair, as well as stubborn 4A-4b curly hair types, offering sleek results that last throughout the day without the need for frequent reapplication. Priced affordably between $5-$10, it promises value and performance. However, it does require regular washing to prevent white residue buildup and can result in a sticky, greasy feel if overapplied. Despite these minor concerns, its benefits, including long-lasting hold and a stylish finish, make it a popular choice for edge control.