Goiple Natural Wave Pomade Review


  • Strong hold.
  • Provides superior manageability and sheen when brushed through hair, especially for short styles.


  • Neutral scent for those sensitive to smells.


  • Goiple Natural Wave Pomade provides a natural and effortless look to hair.
  • Its creamy texture adds definition and texture while maintaining a soft and natural hold.


  • The Goiple Natural Wave Pomade has a smooth and creamy texture that is easy to apply onto hair.
  • It has a non-greasy consistency that helps to define and hold waves without weighing them down.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Goiple Natural Wave Pomade is suitable for all hair types, from straight to curly.
  • It works particularly well for creating and maintaining waves and curls, while also providing a natural-looking shine.

Does It Last?

  • Goiple Natural Wave Pomade is designed to provide a long-lasting hold for your waves.
  • With its natural ingredients and unique formula, this pomade can help maintain your waves for hours, even in humid or windy conditions.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Leaves no residue after washing.

Adding Too Much?

  • Adding too much of Goiple Natural Wave Pomade can lead to a heavy and greasy look in your hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold for curly hair

I have very curly hair and this pomade has been a lifesaver. It gives me a great hold without making my hair feel crunchy or stiff. Plus, it smells amazing!

Too greasy for my liking

I was excited to try this pomade but unfortunately it was too greasy for my liking. It made my hair look shiny and oily, even when I only used a small amount. I'll be sticking to my old product.

Smells amazing

The scent of this pomade is heavenly. It's a subtle, natural scent that isn't overpowering. I love using it just for the smell alone.

Decent hold, but nothing special

This pomade gives me a decent hold, but nothing that stands out compared to other products I've used. It's a good option if you're looking for a natural product, but I'm not blown away.

Not great for straight hair

I have straight hair and unfortunately this pomade just didn't work for me. It made my hair feel heavy and weighed down, and it was difficult to style. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with straight hair.

Middling results for my wavy hair

I have wavy hair and while this pomade gave me some hold, it wasn't as good as I was hoping for. I had to use more product than I usually do with other brands, and it didn't last as long throughout the day. It's an okay product, but not my favorite.

Product Summary:

The Goiple Natural Wave Pomade is crafted to deliver a strong hold for wave creation, although it may affect hair color. It enhances manageability and adds sheen, making it particularly effective for short hairstyles. The product's neutral scent is considerate of those sensitive to strong fragrances.

Its creamy texture not only defines but also textures hair, while ensuring a soft, natural hold. This pomade is versatile, suitable for all hair types, and excels in creating and maintaining waves and curls, imparting a natural shine. Designed for durability, it offers long-lasting hold even in humid or windy conditions and washes out without leaving residue.

However, overuse can result in a heavy, greasy appearance and might lead to scalp build-up, potentially causing hair thinning or loss. The Goiple Natural Wave Pomade is priced between $10 and $20.