Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade Review


  • Provides ideal hold without any stickiness or stiffness, giving you control without sacrificing flexibility.
  • The lightweight formula adds shine and hold effortlessly, although it's not designed for long-lasting hold.


  • Pleasant scent that is not overpowering.


  • The Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade offers a sleek and polished look, providing a high level of shine and definition to the hair.
  • With its strong hold and glossy finish, this pomade effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication and a professional edge to any hairstyle.


  • The Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade has a smooth and creamy texture that glides effortlessly through the hair.


  • Price: $7-$10.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for fine thin hair, adds shine and volume, perfect for finger styling and combating flatness.
  • Great for naturally curly hair, tames flyaways, provides lasting lift and shine.

Does It Last?

  • Not for long-lasting hold or extreme styling.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • This pomade is hassle-free to remove, allowing for a convenient styling experience.

Adding Too Much?

  • However, using too much of the product can leave residue on hair and may not provide enough control for certain hair types.

Customer Reviews:

Great Shine and Hold

This pomade provides an incredible shine and holds my hair perfectly in place throughout the day. It gives my hair a healthy and polished look without making it greasy. Love the way it enhances my hairstyle!

Too Greasy and Heavy

I found this pomade to be excessively greasy and heavy for my hair. It weighed my hair down and made it look flat and oily. Additionally, it was difficult to wash out completely, leaving residue behind. Not suitable for my hair type.

Long-lasting Hold

The hold of this pomade is amazing! It keeps my hair styled all day long, even in humid conditions. I appreciate that I don't have to constantly reapply it throughout the day. Definitely my go-to product for a strong and reliable hold.

Decent Shine, Average Hold

This pomade provides a decent shine to my hair, but the hold is just average. It doesn't keep my hairstyle in place as well as I would like. However, it's easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue. An okay option if you're not looking for a strong hold.

Unpleasant Scent

The scent of this pomade is quite unpleasant. It has a strong and artificial smell that lingers throughout the day. It's a major drawback for me as I prefer hair products with a more pleasant fragrance. I'll be looking for an alternative.

Average Performance

This pomade delivers an average performance. It neither impresses nor disappoints. The shine and hold are decent, but nothing exceptional. It's a safe choice if you're not looking for anything too extraordinary. Overall, it's just okay.

Product Summary:

The Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade is designed to offer a balance of hold and flexibility, ensuring control without stickiness or stiffness. Its lightweight formula adds both shine and hold, creating a sleek and polished hairstyle. The pomade has a subtle, pleasant scent and, when used correctly, doesn't leave a greasy residue. However, it's not intended for long-lasting hold or extreme styles, making it more suitable for those aiming for a sophisticated, professional look.

This pomade is known for its shine and definition, with a strong hold and glossy finish. The texture is smooth and creamy, allowing for easy styling. It leaves the hair with a lightweight, non-greasy finish, enhancing glossiness without adding weight.

Some recent concerns have emerged about the product's quality, particularly its durability. It may not provide a long-lasting hold for all hair types. Overuse can result in residue on hair, shower surfaces, brushes, and clothing. Additionally, it might not offer sufficient control for certain hair textures.

Despite these issues, the Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade remains a user-friendly styling choice. It washes out easily, facilitating a convenient styling routine. It's ideal for adding shine and volume to fine, thin hair or for taming flyaways and enhancing the shine of naturally curly hair. However, it may not be the best option for those needing a strong, long-lasting hold. Proper usage in the right quantity is key to avoiding any unwanted residue or lack of control.