Got2b Glued Spray Wax Review


  • Inconsistent hold, doesn't keep hair in place effectively.
  • Holds well initially but loosens over time.


  • The scent of this product is slightly stronger than the regular spray version.


  • Achieve a quick, effortless style in seconds for a great, ready-to-go appearance.


  • Combines great texture with long-lasting hold.
  • Provides a dry texture spray rather than a moldable wax, perfect for styling.


  • $5-$10.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for wet and not dry hair, perfect for controlling flyaway hairs without a heavy, helmet-like effect.
  • Works wonders on thin hair, adding twice the volume while still maintaining a natural, fine hair appearance.

Does It Last?

  • This product offers a strong hold that lasts throughout the day, ensuring your desired hairstyle stays in place.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Got2b Glued Spray Wax is extremely easy to wash out, making it convenient for those who don't want to spend a lot of time and effort removing product from their hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive use of the product results in flat, sticky hair that feels heavy and weighed down.
  • The product leaves a sticky residue, removes shine, and makes hair appear dull and dry.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold

This spray wax provides a strong hold that keeps my hairstyle in place all day long. I love how it adds texture and definition to my hair without making it feel stiff or sticky. Highly recommended!

Difficult to Wash Out

While this spray wax does a great job in holding my hair, it is extremely difficult to wash out. Even after multiple washes, there is still residue left behind, making my hair look greasy and weighed down. Not ideal for those who prefer a low-maintenance hair care routine.

Long-Lasting Effect

I'm impressed with how long the hold of this spray wax lasts. Even in humid weather, my hairstyle remains intact and doesn't lose its shape. It gives me the confidence to go about my day without worrying about my hair getting messy or flat. Definitely a winner!

Decent Performance

This spray wax provides an average hold and texture to my hair. It does the job but doesn't stand out in any particular way. If you're looking for a basic styling product, this could be a suitable option.

Strong Chemical Smell

One major downside of this spray wax is its strong chemical smell. It's quite overpowering and lingers on the hair even after application. The scent can be off-putting for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances. I wish they could improve on the scent.

Moderate Hold

This spray wax offers a moderate hold that works well for everyday styling. It's not too strong, allowing for some flexibility in changing hairstyles throughout the day. However, if you need a stronger hold for intricate or elaborate styles, you may want to consider other options.

Product Summary:

Got2b Glued Spray Wax is designed to offer long-lasting hold and control for hair, but it has shown some inconsistencies in performance. While it initially provides a good hold, it may not sustain this throughout the day, tending to loosen over time. The product has a stronger scent than the regular spray version, which some users have found to be slightly odd and have encountered issues with the spray function.

On the positive side, the spray wax enables quick and easy styling, potentially creating a ready-to-go look in just 20 seconds. It claims to keep hair looking fresh and styled for up to three days, offering a lasting and refreshed appearance. The product offers a dry texture spray, distinct from a moldable wax, making it suitable for various styling needs. It works well on wet hair, controlling flyaways without giving a heavy feel, and is also effective on thin hair, adding volume while maintaining a natural appearance.

Priced between $5 and $10, Got2b Glued Spray Wax is an affordable styling option. It is also very easy to wash out, which adds to its convenience. A quick rinse is enough to remove the spray wax, leaving no sticky residue and ensuring a hassle-free styling experience.

However, overuse of the product can lead to undesirable results, such as flat, sticky hair that feels heavy. It might also leave a sticky residue, diminish hair shine, and make hair appear dull and dry. These factors should be considered when using Got2b Glued Spray Wax to achieve the best results.