Hairbond United Kingdom Hair Primer Review


  • Hairbond United Kingdom Hair Primer is a lightweight, leave-in treatment that helps to protect and strengthen hair before styling.


  • Pleasant scent.
  • Leaves hair smelling nice and feeling hydrated.


  • Provides a silky, less processed appearance to hair, reducing frizz and enhancing shine.


  • The primer had a slightly creamy texture.
  • Texture is thin but not runny.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Suitable for thin, frizzy hair; helps detangle, smooth, and hydrate, preventing frizz.

Does It Last?

  • Apply sparingly for longer-lasting results.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Lightweight formula rinses out easily.
  • Leaves no residue, scalp feels clean and refreshed.

Adding Too Much?

  • Applying excess leads to greasiness, weighing hair down.
  • Heavy application may result in a sticky residue.

Customer Reviews:

Hydrating and Smoothing

The primer left my hair feeling incredibly hydrated and smooth, making it easier to style and manage.

Weighed Down Hair

Unfortunately, I applied too much of it, and my hair ended up feeling greasy and weighed down, which was not the look I was going for.

Frizz Control and Shine

The primer helped control frizz and added a beautiful shine to my hair, giving it a healthy and vibrant appearance.

Pleasant Scent

The scent was nice and made brushing my hair a more enjoyable experience, but it didn't have a significant impact on the overall performance of the product.

Sticky Residue

After using a heavy amount of the primer, I noticed a sticky residue in my hair, which was quite unpleasant and difficult to wash out.

Thin Texture

The primer had a slightly thin texture, which made it easy to apply, but at times it felt like it wasn't enough for my hair, especially in humid conditions.

Product Summary:

The Hairbond United Kingdom Hair Primer serves as a lightweight, leave-in treatment designed to prep and protect hair before styling. It features a pleasant scent that leaves hair smelling nice and feeling hydrated. Notably, it enhances hair's appearance by providing a silky look, reducing frizz, and boosting shine, making it particularly beneficial for thin and frizzy hair types.

With a slightly creamy yet non-runny texture, this primer is priced between $15-$25, offering good value for its performance. It's especially effective for detangling, smoothing, and hydrating hair, thus preventing frizz and making styling easier. The product is to be used sparingly to ensure that it lasts longer while still achieving desired results.

The lightweight formula of the Hairbond United Kingdom Hair Primer ensures it rinses out easily without leaving any residue, keeping the scalp clean and refreshed. However, caution should be taken to avoid excessive application as this can lead to greasiness and weigh hair down, potentially leaving a sticky residue.