Hairitage Ahead of the Curl! Hydrating Curl Cream Review


  • Provides protein-packed hold and thickens hair.
  • Offers great hold a nddefinition.


  • The smell is light, refreshing, and not overwhelming, making it perfect for those sensitive to strong scents.


  • Experience amazing curls that last all day, with a light and bouncy look and defined texture.


  • The cream has a rich, silky texture that absorbs nicely and prevents frizz.
  • It has a nice smooth and creamy texture, but can leave a sticky and crunchy feeling on the hair.


  • $5-$10

Hair Type

  • Lightweight cream perfect for fine, low porosity hair, providing softness and hydration.
  • Ideal for wavy and curly hair, especially in humid climates, providing frizz control, curl definition, and lightweight hydration.

Does It Last?

  • All day long-lasting bouncy and soft curls.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out, doesn't leave hair heavy or tacky like other products.

Adding Too Much?

  • Adding too much of this product can make your hair feel sticky and greasy.
  • It may take a long time to dry on your hair, and can leave a wet, stiff, and crunchy appearance.

Customer Reviews:

Great for defining curls

I absolutely love this curl cream! It does an amazing job at defining my curls and keeping them hydrated throughout the day. My hair feels soft and bouncy, and the cream doesn't weigh it down at all. Highly recommended!

Leaves hair greasy

Unfortunately, this curl cream didn't work well for me. It left my hair feeling greasy and weighed down. I had to wash it out immediately after applying. I was really disappointed with the results.

Hydrates and reduces frizz

This curl cream is a game-changer! It not only hydrates my curls but also helps reduce frizz. My hair looks so much healthier and more defined after using it. I can't imagine my hair routine without it now.

Decent curl cream

The Hairitage Ahead of the Curl! Hydrating Curl Cream is okay. It does add some hydration to my curls, but I haven't noticed any significant improvement in terms of definition or frizz control. It's an average product for me.

Strong scent, not for me

I couldn't stand the strong scent of this curl cream. It was overpowering and gave me a headache. Unfortunately, I couldn't continue using it because of the fragrance. It's a shame because it seemed like a promising product otherwise.

Mixed results

I have mixed feelings about this curl cream. While it does provide some hydration, it also tends to make my hair feel a bit crunchy. It's not a bad product, but it didn't give me the results I was hoping for.

Product Summary:

Hairitage Ahead of the Curl! Hydrating Curl Cream is a protein-rich hair product that offers excellent hold, definition, and a delightful scent. The fragrance, a mix of lemongrass, chamomile, and vanilla, might be strong for some but pleasant for others. Its rich, silky texture absorbs well, preventing frizz and is especially suitable for fine, low porosity hair, providing softness and hydration. The cream is also ideal for wavy and curly hair, especially in humid climates, as it controls frizz, defines curls, and hydrates without weighing hair down.

Users have found great results in achieving ringlet curls, particularly beneficial for those transitioning to natural curls. It is easy to wash out, avoiding the heavy or tacky feeling left by some products. For best results, it should be used the day after washing hair, complemented by a Day Two refresher. However, caution is advised against using too much, as it can lead to sticky and greasy hair. It may also leave hair wet, stiff, and crunchy if it takes a long time to dry. The exact price of the product is not specified in the provided information.