Head and Shoulders Molding Clay Review


  • Provides adequate firm hold for short hair styles without residue or stiffness.


  • Subtle cologne-like fragrance that's not overpowering.


  • Gives hair a natural, touchable look.
  • No greasy or shiny appearance, just a subtle shine.


  • Head and Shoulders Molding Clay has a thick, creamy texture that is easy to work with and manipulate.
  • The clay has a matte finish and provides a strong hold without leaving any residue or stickiness in the hair.


  • $8-$15.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for thick, stiff hair that needs a strong, natural hold. May not work for thin or wavy hair types.

Does It Last?

  • Reapplication required for all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Leaves residue that requires washing every use. Not easy to wash out as claimed.

Adding Too Much?

  • Using too much can lead to dry and hard-to-style hair. It may also leave a sticky residue on hands and hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold

I love the hold that this molding clay provides. It keeps my hair styled all day without feeling heavy or greasy.

Difficult to Wash Out

While the hold is great, I find that this product is incredibly difficult to wash out of my hair. It leaves a residue that requires multiple washes to remove completely.

Natural Look

This molding clay gives my hair a natural, matte finish that I love. It doesn't look like I have any product in my hair, but it still holds my style perfectly.

Moderate Hold

The hold on this molding clay is decent, but not as strong as I was hoping for. It's good for everyday styling, but may not hold up for more extreme looks.

Strong Scent

I find the scent of this molding clay to be overpowering and unpleasant. It's hard to ignore and lingers in my hair throughout the day.

Okay for the Price

This molding clay is a decent product for the price. It's not the best I've ever used, but it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Product Summary:

The Head and Shoulders Molding Clay is a hair styling product that offers a strong hold for short hairstyles, without leaving any residue or causing stiffness. It features a subtle cologne-like fragrance, which is not overpowering and has a clean, fresh scent appealing to both men and women. The clay provides a natural, touchable look to hair without a greasy or overly shiny appearance, just a hint of shine.

Its thick, creamy texture makes it easy to work with and manipulate, ensuring a strong hold without any stickiness in the hair. This product is particularly suitable for thick, stiff hair that requires a strong, natural hold. However, it may not be as effective for thin or wavy hair types. Priced between $8 and $15, the clay is an affordable option and can last over a month with proper usage.

However, it does leave residue that necessitates washing after each use, and contrary to claims, it is not particularly easy to wash out. Overuse of the product can result in dry, difficult-to-style hair and may leave a sticky residue on both hands and hair.