Hippie Killer Styling Pomade Review


  • Offers strong hold without stiffness, ideal for unruly hair types.
  • Provides long-lasting hold, even after a few days without washing.


  • Unique aroma that's not too strong.


  • Provides a moderate shine for a natural, balanced look that's not overly glossy.
  • Ideal for achieving a meticulously groomed or textured appearance without being too matte or shiny.


  • Creamy texture strikes perfect balance for easy application.
  • Neither too stiff nor too greasy, facilitates smooth styling.


  • $15-$20.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for thick and stubborn hair types.
  • Helps tame wild and wavy hair, providing all-day hold.

Does It Last?

  • Ideal for all-day styling.
  • Users have reported that the product remains effective even in high humidity or throughout physical activity, showcasing its durability.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Washes off effortlessly with a simple routine.
  • Leaves hair clean and residue-free after washing.

Adding Too Much?

  • Over-application results in greasy, heavy hair.
  • Using excess quantity leads to a sticky, oily look.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Scent

The product provides a strong hold without stiffness and has an amazing scent that my girlfriend loves.

Greasy with Over-application

Over-application of the product results in greasy, heavy hair and a sticky, oily look.

Long-lasting Hold in Any Weather

The product's long-lasting hold is ideal for all-day styling, even in high humidity or during physical activity.

Moderate Shine for Balanced Look

The moderate shine provides a natural, balanced appearance that's not overly glossy, suitable for various styles.

Heavy and Oily with Excess Quantity

Using too much of the product leads to heavy, greasy hair and an unpleasant oily appearance.

Effortless Wash-off, Clean Hair

The product washes off easily, leaving hair clean and residue-free after each use, simplifying maintenance.

Product Summary:

The Hippie Killer Styling Pomade stands out for its ability to offer a strong hold without leaving hair stiff, making it a perfect choice for managing unruly hair types. This pomade is praised for its long-lasting hold, capable of maintaining style even after several days without washing. Its unique aroma is noticeable yet not overpowering, ensuring a pleasant experience during use.

It delivers a moderate shine, providing a natural and balanced look that isn’t overly glossy, ideal for achieving both meticulously groomed and textured styles. The creamy texture of the pomade facilitates easy application without being too stiff or greasy, allowing for smooth styling. Priced between $15-$20, it's tailored for thick and stubborn hair types, effectively taming wild and wavy hair for all-day hold.

Notably, users have reported that the product remains effective even in high humidity or throughout physical activities, showcasing its durability. The pomade washes off effortlessly, leaving hair clean and free from residue. However, caution is advised as over-application can result in greasy, heavy hair, leading to a sticky, oily appearance.