John Masters Hair Paste Review


  • Strong hold with little product.
  • Holds soft, not too strong.
  • All natural ingredients provide good hold.


  • Light herbal smell.
  • Barely noticeable.


  • Dirty hair look.
  • Easy dry hold for all hair types


  • Texturizes & separates strands.
  • Creates natural looking definition.


  • Around $25.

Hair Type

  • Works for all hair types.
  • Enhances natural texture.

Does It Last?

  • Small amount provides lasting effects.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Washes out easily with no residue.

Adding Too Much?

  • Gets sticky and dry in hair.

Customer Reviews:

Excellent Hold and Natural Feel

The first thing I noticed about it was the fantastic hold it offers. It keeps my hairstyle intact for the entire day without making it feel hard or stiff. Plus, the natural feel it gives is quite impressive, adding an effortless vibe to my look.

Dislike the Sticky Residue

One downside I've experienced with it is the sticky residue it leaves on my hands after application. It's not a deal-breaker, but it does make the process a bit unpleasant and messier than I would like.

Amazing Scent

I absolutely adore the scent. It's subtle, refreshing, and not too overpowering. Whenever I use it, I find that the pleasant aroma enhances my overall styling experience.

A Bit Pricey

The product is slightly on the higher end of the price range for hair pastes. While I appreciate its quality, it might not be the most affordable option for those on a tight budget. I'm neutral on this aspect.

Tough to Wash Out

Unfortunately, I've noticed it's rather difficult to wash out at the end of the day. It tends to linger in my hair, requiring a bit more effort and shampoo than usual to fully remove.

Good, But Not Exceptional for Fine Hair

As someone with fine hair, it works fairly well but doesn't provide exceptional results. It holds my style reasonably well, but I've used other products that perform better specifically for fine hair types. I'm neutral on this point.

Product Summary:

John Masters Hair Paste is a high-performance styling product that delivers a strong hold while maintaining a natural appearance with little to no shine. This product is particularly effective for achieving more adventurous hairstyles, requiring only a small amount to create dynamic looks. It is especially suitable for those with curly and wavy hair types, as it enhances natural texture and adds movement to the hair.

A notable advantage of this hair paste is its lasting power in the hair with minimal application, combined with its ease of washout, leaving no residue behind. Unlike some pomades, it is not sticky or goopy, offering a different textural experience. However, users should be cautious about the amount used, as applying too much can lead to the hair becoming overly dry. The paste boasts an all-natural formula, accompanied by a light, herbal scent that is barely noticeable yet pleasant, adding to its appeal for those who prefer subtler fragrances in their styling products.