John Masters Hair Pomade Review


  • Firm to medium hold.
  • Weak/no hold in some cases.


  • Pleasant smell like fresh pine sap.


  • Gives a shiny/greasy wet look.
  • Oil and wax base, use sparingly.
  • Cream for brushedback professional look.
  • High shine.


  • Adds body and volume.
  • Creates a flexible look and feel.


  • Product costs $25.

Hair Type

  • Works better for thick or curly hair.
  • Suitable for short men's hair.

Does It Last?

  • Typically lasts all day for longer hair.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Washes out easily with minimal washing.
  • Can require two washes for complete removal.

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much product can make hair heavy & oily.
  • Can leave a sticky residue on fingers.
  • Can make hair greasy with too much use.

Customer Reviews:

Great Performance and Pleasant Smell

I'm loving it so far. It keeps my hair in place all day long without any sticky feeling. Plus, the scent is absolutely divine. Makes me look forward to styling my hair every morning.

Too Pricey for the Size

I was a bit taken aback by its price. Given the size of the jar, I'd expect it to be a bit more affordable. I might have to reconsider if I should continue using it.

Natural Ingredients, Guilt-Free Styling

I appreciate that it uses natural ingredients. I feel good knowing that I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my hair. It's guilt-free styling for me.

Bit Hard to Apply

I've noticed that it can be a bit difficult to spread evenly on my hair. It's a minor issue, but it does take me a bit more time to style my hair with it.

Not Suitable for Thick Hair

I have thick hair and I find it doesn't give me the hold I need. My hair tends to fall flat halfway through the day. It might work better for those with thinner hair.

Decent but Not Outstanding

It's a decent pomade, nothing less, nothing more. It does its job of keeping my hair in place, but there's nothing particularly outstanding about it that makes it stand out from the rest.

Product Summary:

John Masters Hair Pomade delivers a medium-to-firm hold coupled with a high shine, creating an attractive finish for various hairstyles. Its scent is a blend of fresh pine sap and cedar with a hint of mint, providing a refreshing aroma. This pomade is capable of giving a slightly greasy wet look while adding body and volume, yet maintains a lightweight hold. Due to its oil and wax base, it is advised to use the product sparingly.

Particularly well-suited for short men's hair, the pomade shows its best results on thick and curly hair types. It boasts organic and natural ingredients, enhancing its appeal for those who prefer environmentally conscious products. The container, when used judiciously, can last up to 36 months, making it a long-lasting option. Although the pomade generally washes out easily, overuse might necessitate two washes to completely remove it from the hair. Applying too much can result in hair becoming heavy and oily, and it may leave a sticky residue on the fingers.

Priced at $25, the pomade is positioned in the higher price range. While effective, there are cheaper alternatives available in the market, which might be a consideration for those seeking budget-friendly options.