Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay Review


  • Fantastic hold that lasts all day.
  • Gives extreme body hold and definition.
  • Great flexible hold without being over the top.


  • Smell is a subtle caramel.
  • Smell alone is great, but some find it overpowering.


  • Natural looking hair.
  • Dry, grungy look.


  • Delivers rugged texture with strong hold.


  • Expensive product, worth the price at $25.

Hair Type

  • Good for any hair type.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Difficult to wash out of hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • Can make hair greasy or sticky.

Customer Reviews:

Perfect Texturizing Clay

This clay is absolutely amazing for adding texture to my hair. It provides a strong hold that lasts all day long. I love how it gives my hair a matte finish, making it look effortlessly styled. The clay is easy to work with and allows me to create different hairstyles with ease. It's definitely my go-to product for achieving a textured and messy look.

Difficult to Wash Out

One major drawback of this clay is that it's extremely difficult to wash out of my hair. Even after multiple shampooing, there is often residue left behind. It makes my hair feel heavy and greasy, which is quite frustrating. I wish the clay was easier to rinse out and didn't leave a lingering residue. This aspect significantly affects my overall satisfaction with the product.

Long-Lasting Hold

The hold of this clay is exceptional. Once I style my hair with it, it stays in place throughout the day. Even in humid conditions, my hair remains perfectly styled. I appreciate how I don't have to worry about my hair losing its shape or texture. The long-lasting hold of this clay is truly impressive and one of its best features.

Medium-Hold, Slightly Heavy

This clay offers a medium hold for my hair, which is suitable for everyday styling. However, I find it to be slightly heavy, which can make my hair feel weighed down. It lacks the lightweight feel that I prefer in a hair product. While it provides decent hold, I wish it had a lighter texture for a more comfortable and natural feel.

Unpleasant Scent

I'm not a fan of the scent of this clay. It has a strong, chemical-like smell that lingers in my hair even after application. The fragrance is quite off-putting and affects my overall experience with the product. I wish the manufacturer would consider improving the scent to make it more pleasant and enjoyable to use.

Average Performance

This clay delivers an average performance. It provides a decent hold and texture, but there's nothing extraordinary about it. It's a reliable product for styling my hair, but it doesn't have any standout features that make it exceptional. If you're looking for a basic clay without any specific requirements, this could be a suitable option.

Product Summary:

Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay is recognized as a premium hair styling product, known for its exceptional hold that can endure throughout the day. It is particularly effective in offering extreme body, hold, and definition, while maintaining a flexible hold that is not excessively rigid.

The scent of the clay is a subtle caramel, which many users find pleasant and non-intrusive, ensuring it won't negatively affect hair health. However, it's worth noting that some users may find the scent to be somewhat overpowering, depending on individual preferences.

This product is adept at creating a natural-looking hair style with a dry, grungy appearance. It is especially useful for crafting tousled, beachy waves and adding volume and body with a matte, textured finish. While Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay is on the pricier side, many users consider it to be a worthwhile investment due to its effectiveness, particularly for those with thick hair. It is also suitable for various hair types.

The product offers a long-lasting hold that justifies its cost, with a single purchase lasting for months. Some users have even reported using it successfully for up to 3 years. One aspect to be mindful of is that the clay can be challenging to wash out of hair, potentially requiring more effort to completely remove. Excessive use may lead to residue left on pillows, and it's important to apply it evenly on damp hair for the best results. Some versions of the product might make hair feel greasy or sticky if overapplied. Overall, Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay is highly regarded for its hold and versatility, despite its few manageable drawbacks.