Layrite Superhold Pomade Review


  • High hold, moderate shine, and easily washable for convenience.


  • It has a light, faint smell of vanilla that lasts all day.


  • Achieves a natural and professional look, making hair appear healthy and moisturized.
  • Less shiny compared to Suavecito with a pleasant scent.
  • Can be thinned out with a drop or two of water for easier application.


  • The texture of Layrite Superhold Pomade is smooth and creamy, making it easy to apply and distribute throughout the hair.
  • It has a firm hold, allowing for precise styling and keeping the hair in place all day.


  • $15-$20.

Hair Type

  • Works well with light thin hair.
  • Also works well for thick hair, keeping it in place all day.
  • Suitable for straight short hair and curly hair.

Does It Last?

  • Layrite Superhold Pomade is a great value for the money, as a little goes a long way and provides all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The product is easy to wash out of your hair and rinse out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive use can make hair feel dry and stiff, resembling gel.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold for all-day styling

I love how the Layrite Superhold Pomade keeps my hair in place all day long. It has a strong hold that lasts even in humid conditions. My hairstyle stays intact and looks fresh from morning to night. Highly recommended!

Difficult to wash out

The only downside to the Layrite Superhold Pomade is that it is quite difficult to wash out. It leaves a residue in my hair even after multiple washes. I have to use a clarifying shampoo to completely remove it. It can be frustrating, especially if you like to switch up your hairstyle frequently.

Smooth application and natural shine

The Layrite Superhold Pomade has a smooth texture that makes it easy to apply. It glides through my hair effortlessly, allowing me to style it exactly how I want. It also adds a natural shine without making my hair look greasy. I love the overall look and feel it gives to my hairstyle.

Decent hold but not exceptional

The Layrite Superhold Pomade provides a decent hold for my hair. It keeps my hairstyle in place for a few hours, but I notice some slight loosening throughout the day. It might be more suitable for shorter hairstyles or individuals with less stubborn hair. Overall, it does the job but doesn't exceed my expectations.

Leaves hair feeling sticky

One of the drawbacks of the Layrite Superhold Pomade is that it leaves my hair feeling sticky. Even after styling, my hair feels tacky to the touch. It's not a pleasant sensation and makes me want to wash it out immediately. I wish it had a smoother finish without the sticky residue.

Average performance, nothing extraordinary

The Layrite Superhold Pomade is alright, but it doesn't stand out from other pomades in the market. It provides a decent hold and adds some shine, but there's nothing extraordinary about it. If you're looking for a basic pomade without any special features, this might be a good option for you.

Product Summary:

Layrite Superhold Pomade stands out as a highly effective hair styling product, providing an all-day hold that keeps hair well-managed and out of the face. With its high hold and moderate shine, it's versatile enough for various hair types.

The pomade is noted for its pleasant masculine scent, characterized by a light, faint vanilla aroma that surprisingly lasts throughout the day. It also imparts a wet hair look, achieving a natural and professional appearance that makes hair seem healthy and moisturized.

Its texture is smooth and creamy, facilitating easy application and even distribution through the hair. The firm hold of Layrite Superhold Pomade allows for precise styling, ensuring that hair stays in place all day. It's particularly effective for light thin hair, providing extra hold for straightforward styling. Additionally, it works well for thick, thinning Polynesian hair and even a full head of gray black curly long hair.

This pomade is also adept at handling slicked back undercut styles in extremely thick Asian hair, defining curls in very fine 3A hair, and managing thick, wavy hair with ease. It's suitable for curly 3A hair, offering the needed hold, and works well for straight short hair that tends to stick up.

When compared to products like Suavecito, Layrite Superhold Pomade offers less shine but maintains a pleasant scent. It can be thinned with a drop or two of water for easier application, and its natural look makes it more appealing for use. It comes highly recommended for various hair types, even for those who might not usually choose this kind of product.

The value for money with this pomade is notable, as a small amount goes a long way and can last a month or more. It washes out easily without leaving any residue or greasy feeling. However, overuse can result in hair feeling dry and stiff, similar to gel. The pomade dries quickly and effectively without any residue. In summary, Layrite Superhold Pomade is a versatile and highly effective hair styling product.