Living proof Amp Texture Volumizer Review


  • Provides great volume & hold.


  • Odorless formula.


  • Added volume for short hair.


  • Living proof Amp Texture Volumizer has a lightweight, creamy texture that spreads easily through hair.
  • It provides a flexible hold and adds volume and texture without leaving hair feeling sticky or stiff.


  • $24-$28.

Hair Type

  • Best for curly, fine, and thin hair types.
  • Adds volume and control for difficult to style hair.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.
  • Small amount goes a long way.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easily washes out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Hair becomes weighted down and greasy when too much is applied, ruining the natural look and feel. It's important to use sparingly for best results.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding volume

I love how this product adds texture and volume to my hair without making it feel heavy or greasy. It's easy to apply and doesn't leave any residue.

Leaves hair feeling sticky

I was really disappointed with this product. It made my hair feel sticky and weighed down, and it was difficult to style. I wouldn't recommend it.

Perfect for short hair

This volumizer is great for adding texture to short hair. It gives my hair a tousled, messy look that I love, and it lasts all day.

Not as effective as other products

I've used other volumizing products in the past that were more effective than this one. While it did add some volume, it wasn't as noticeable as I had hoped.

Dries out hair

This product left my hair feeling dry and brittle, which made it difficult to style. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with dry or damaged hair.

Works well, but expensive

I really like this product, but it's quite expensive compared to other volumizing products on the market. While it does work well, I'm not sure it's worth the price.

Product Summary:

The Living proof Amp Texture Volumizer is tailored to boost volume and provide hold, making it particularly effective for those with fine hair. This product has a lightweight, creamy consistency that allows for easy application, achieving a flexible hold. It adds volume and texture to hair without leaving it sticky or stiff. It is most suitable for curly, fine, and thin hair types, and using it sparingly ensures a clean, lasting hold.

Its odorless formula is convenient for combining with other scented products, though opinions on its scent vary. This volumizer is particularly beneficial for those who don't wash their hair daily, as it can easily be washed out, even with frequent washing. However, using too much can cause hair to appear greasy and weighed down, so a moderate application is key for optimal results. Overall, the Living proof Amp Texture Volumizer is a durable product that provides volume and control for hair that is otherwise difficult to style.