Lockhart's Original Goon Grease Pomade Review


  • Medium to heavy hold with easy application.


  • Light, slightly sweet citrus cologne scent with a hint of cucumber and sandalwood notes.


  • Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade has a smooth and creamy texture, making it easy to apply and distribute evenly through the hair.
  • The shine may be too light for those who prefer a more intense shine.


  • The pomade has a medium to heavy hold, giving the hair a firm and pliable texture that lasts throughout the day.


  • $10-$15.

Hair Type

  • Best for thick and wavy hair, providing a strong hold for a sleek, professional look.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • It requires multiple shampooing to fully wash out of your hair.
  • Water alone is not effective in washing out this product.

Adding Too Much?

  • Applying too much of the product may leave a greasy residue in your hair.

Customer Reviews:

Excellent Hold and Shine

I absolutely love Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade! It provides excellent hold and gives my hair a nice shine that lasts all day. It's perfect for styling my hair in different ways and it doesn't leave any greasy residue. Highly recommended!

Difficult to Wash Out

I found it extremely difficult to wash out Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade from my hair. Even after multiple washes, my hair still felt greasy and weighed down. It was frustrating and made me reluctant to use the product again.

Long-Lasting Hold

Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade has a long-lasting hold that keeps my hair in place throughout the day. It's great for creating different hairstyles and doesn't require much product to achieve the desired look. I'm very satisfied with this pomade!

Average Performance

Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade performs adequately for my hair. It provides decent hold and a subtle shine, but nothing extraordinary. It's neither a standout product nor a disappointment. It's just average in terms of performance.

Strong Scent

The scent of Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade is overpowering and not pleasant to me. It lingers in my hair throughout the day and I find it quite unpleasant. It's a major drawback for me and makes me hesitant to continue using the product.

Decent Texture

The texture of Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade is decent. It's not too sticky and spreads easily through my hair. However, it feels a bit heavy and greasy, which can be bothersome for some people. It's an okay choice if you're not too particular about the texture.

Product Summary:

Lockhart's Original Goon Grease Pomade is celebrated for its heavy hold and appealing scent. It is user-friendly, being easy to apply and comb through, though some users note that it may require reapplication after a full day to maintain its hold. The product is available in two scent variations: the Heavy Hold version features a melon scent that is sweet yet subtle, while the Light version has a citrus cologne scent with hints of cucumber and sandalwood.

Despite its popularity, there have been instances of customer dissatisfaction with recent batches, particularly with the water-based version, which seemed different in look and feel compared to previous experiences. The pomade is ideal for creating a relaxed second-day look and can be easily removed with dish soap if applied excessively. It is especially effective on thick, dry, salt and pepper hair, enhancing its appearance.

The pomade's smooth, creamy texture ensures ease of application and even distribution. It provides a medium to heavy hold, allowing hair to maintain a firm yet pliable texture throughout the day. Priced around $10 to $15, Lockharts Original Goon Grease Pomade is recommended for thick, wavy hair, offering a strong hold for a sleek, professional look. It also works well with thick, curly hair, managing curls and adding shine for a fresh, all-day appearance.

However, some customers have found that water-based pomades don't last very long and can wash out with sweat. The reviewer personally applies the product twice daily and has been satisfied with its performance over the years. A notable drawback is the need for multiple shampoo washes to completely remove the pomade, as water alone is insufficient. Overapplication can result in greasy residue. Additionally, the shine level of the pomade may not satisfy those who prefer a more intense shine.