Malin Goetz Sage Styling Cream Review


  • Provides a light natural hold and moisturizes too.
  • The hold is not the strongest.


  • Pleasant sage scent that initially smells minty.
  • Scent fades quickly but is still enjoyable.


  • Provides pliability and natural shine for a put-together look that doesn't feel or look sticky or greasy.


  • The Malin Goetz sage styling cream has a creamy, smooth texture that spreads easily through hair.
  • It provides a light-weight hold and a matte finish without leaving any greasy residue.


  • $20-$30.

Hair Type

  • Best for thick, frizzy, wavy, and curly hair types. Keeps hair smooth and soft all day, even in humid conditions.

Does It Last?

  • Non-greasy formula lasts all day, providing all-day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out.

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much can make hair look greasy and lack shine.
  • May also make hair feel heavy or sticky.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold for my hair

I've been using this product for a few weeks now and it's been amazing for styling my hair. The hold is strong but not too heavy, and it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down. Definitely recommend!

Not suitable for thick hair

I was hoping this product would work for my thick hair, but unfortunately it just doesn't provide enough hold. My hair ended up looking flat and frizzy, and the cream itself felt heavy and greasy. Disappointing.

Love the natural ingredients

I appreciate that this styling cream uses natural ingredients like sage and chamomile, and I can definitely tell the difference in how my hair feels. It's softer and smoother, and the scent is really pleasant too. Will definitely be repurchasing.

Decent hold, but not exceptional

This styling cream is alright - it provides a decent hold for my hair, but it's not anything spectacular. I do like that it doesn't leave any residue or buildup, but I've used other products that work better for me.

Caused scalp irritation

Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to this product and ended up with a really itchy scalp. I'm not sure which ingredient caused the irritation, but I had to stop using it after a few days. Be careful if you have sensitive skin!

Not enough volume for my hair

I was hoping this styling cream would help add some volume to my fine hair, but it didn't really do much in that regard. It did provide a nice texture and hold, but I still had to use other products to get the look I wanted.

Product Summary:

The Malin Goetz sage styling cream is a hairstyling product offering a light, natural hold while also moisturizing the hair. It adeptly provides a subtle hold without creating a rigid "helmet head" effect. The cream has a minty scent that fades pleasantly over time. It ensures hair remains pliable and naturally shiny, achieving a well-groomed look without appearing sticky or greasy.

Its creamy, smooth texture allows for easy application, delivering a lightweight hold and a matte finish without any greasy residue. This product is particularly effective for thick, frizzy, wavy, and curly hair, maintaining smoothness and softness throughout the day, even in humid environments. A small amount can last a long time, with some users finding it sufficient for up to a year. The cream's non-greasy formula provides a lasting hold for the entire day. It performs equally well on both clean and unwashed hair and is easy to wash out. However, using too much can lead to greasy-looking hair, reduced shine, and a heavy or sticky feeling. The Malin Goetz sage styling cream is priced between $20 and $30.