Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray Review


  • It provides texture and hold without the stickiness or stiffness of hairspray.
  • The Sea Salt Spray gives just enough hold to shape hair.


  • Has a light and pleasant smell, not overpowering.


  • Achieves a uniform wave and body without making hair look greasy or dingy.
  • Adds texture and separation of waves for a beachy, styled look without weighing down hair.


  • Provides a beach-like texture to hair without the greasy look, similar to drying hair after swimming in salt water.
  • Gives hair a fuller, long-lasting texture that is easy to work with, making styling easier and adding body.


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Suitable for naturally straight and highlighted hair, providing weightless lift and texture.
  • Works well on naturally wavy hair, adding volume and enhancing waves to soft curls.

Does It Last?

  • All day light hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Easy to wash out of hair.

Adding Too Much?

  • If too much is used, it can leave hair feeling heavy and dull.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding texture

I absolutely love the Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray! It does wonders for adding texture to my hair and giving it that beachy, tousled look. It's easy to use and doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy. Highly recommend!

Leaves hair feeling dry

I was really disappointed with the Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray. It left my hair feeling dry and brittle, even after using a small amount. I didn't notice any added texture or volume and it seemed to weigh my hair down. Will not be repurchasing.

Long-lasting hold

This sea salt spray from Maple Holistics has a great, long-lasting hold. It keeps my waves in place all day without making my hair feel stiff or crunchy. I love that it adds a natural-looking texture and gives my hair a beautiful beachy vibe.

Decent product, but not outstanding

The Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray is an okay product. It does add some texture to my hair, but nothing extraordinary. It doesn't have a strong scent and doesn't leave any residue, which is nice. Overall, it's a decent option for a sea salt spray.

Doesn't work well on fine hair

I have fine hair and unfortunately, the Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray didn't work well for me. It made my hair look even thinner and didn't provide any added volume or texture. It also made my hair feel dry and tangled. Not recommended for fine hair types.

Average sea salt spray

The Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray is an average product. It adds a bit of texture to my hair, but nothing extraordinary. It's not too heavy or sticky, but it also doesn't provide long-lasting hold. It's a decent option if you're looking for a basic sea salt spray.

Product Summary:

Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray is a hair styling product that offers texture and a light hold, avoiding the stickiness or stiffness typically associated with hairspray. It's effective for styling hair and controlling flyaways, providing a natural feel without leaving a sticky or gel-like residue, although it may make hair feel slightly crunchy.

The spray has a mild scent, almost unscented, making it a good choice for those sensitive to strong fragrances. It creates a uniform wave and body, enhancing texture and separation for a beachy look. It delivers minimal hold, allowing it to work in harmony with other hair products.

This product mimics the effect of saltwater, giving hair a beach-like texture and fuller appearance. It's easy to style with and adds body, suitable for straight, highlighted, or naturally wavy hair. It enhances volume and soft curls in wavy hair and provides weightless lift and texture in straight hair.

Available in a large bottle size for extended use, the spray also leaves a lasting scent. It's even versatile enough for use on dry, cracked hands. However, overuse can result in heavy, dull hair. Maple Holistics Sea Salt Spray is ideal for those seeking a beachy, textured look without the downsides of traditional hairspray, offering minimal hold for easy styling.