NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer Review


  • The NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer has a strong hold that provides long-lasting texture and definition to hair.


  • NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer has a pleasant, light and fresh scent that is not overpowering.


  • NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer provides a modern and effortless look with its lightweight formula that adds texture and definition to the hair.


  • Lightweight and non-greasy texture that easily disperses through the hair for effortless application.
  • It provides a flexible hold and adds texture to the hair without weighing it down, leaving a natural and touchable finish.


  • $20-$30.

Hair Type

  • The NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer is suitable for all hair types, including fine, thin, and thick hair.

Does It Last?

  • NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer is designed to provide long-lasting all day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer is easy to wash out, making it convenient for those who prefer a quick and hassle-free hair styling routine.

Adding Too Much?

  • Adding too much NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer can weigh down your hair and make it appear greasy or oily.
  • Overuse of this product can also lead to product buildup on your scalp and hair, causing it to become dull and lifeless.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding texture

I absolutely love the NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer. It adds the perfect amount of texture to my hair without making it feel heavy or greasy. It gives my hair a natural, tousled look that lasts all day. Highly recommend!

Disappointing hold

I had high hopes for the NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer, but unfortunately, it didn't deliver the hold I was expecting. My hair still fell flat after just a few hours, and I had to constantly reapply throughout the day. Not worth the price.

Leaves hair feeling soft

This texturizer not only adds texture, but it also leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and healthy. I love how it doesn't weigh down my hair or leave any residue. It's become a staple in my hair care routine.

Decent product, but not a game changer

The NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer is alright. It does add some texture to my hair, but it's nothing extraordinary. I don't find myself reaching for it as often as I thought I would. It's just an average texturizing spray in my opinion.

Dries out my hair

After using the NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer for a while, I noticed that it started to dry out my hair. It made my strands feel rough and brittle, which is definitely not what I want in a hair product. I'll be looking for an alternative.

Doesn't provide enough hold

While the NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer does add some texture to my hair, it lacks the hold I need to style it the way I want. It's great for adding a bit of volume, but it doesn't keep my hair in place for long. Not ideal for more intricate hairstyles.

Product Summary:

The NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer is a versatile hair styling product that offers strong hold and lasting texture. It is ideal for crafting tousled, beachy waves or enhancing volume and definition in various hairstyles. The texturizer is characterized by a pleasant, light scent that imparts a refreshing aroma, lingering on the hair throughout the day.

Its lightweight formula is designed to add texture and definition effortlessly, creating a natural, lived-in look. Suitable for all hair types, the product excels at providing volume, texture, and definition. It is enriched with plant extracts and essential oils, ingredients chosen for their nourishing properties and their ability to protect hair while maintaining style and texture.

The NEUMA Neu Styling Texturizer is also easy to wash out, contributing to a quick and hassle-free hair styling routine. However, users should be cautious about the quantity used. Applying too much can lead to the hair being weighed down, appearing greasy or oily, and may result in product buildup. This overuse can leave hair looking dull and lifeless. Moderation is key to achieving the best results without these negative effects.