Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray Review


  • Very light hold.


  • This product as a subtle scent.


  • Provides a natural and beachy look with increased volume and gentle waves.
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy formula for effortless styling.


  • Gives hair a little extra body and thickness.


  • $15-$25.

Hair Type

  • Adds subtle waves and curls to hair.
  • Provides grip and control for fine, straight hair.

Does It Last?

  • Achieves beachy hair that lasts all day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray is incredibly easy to wash out of your hair, making it convenient for daily use.

Adding Too Much?

  • Adding too much of this sea salt spray can make your hair dry.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding texture to hair

I absolutely love how the Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray adds texture to my hair. It gives my hair a natural, beachy wave that lasts all day. It's also lightweight and doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy or sticky. Highly recommend!

Disappointing hold on thick hair

Unfortunately, the Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray didn't work well for my thick hair. It didn't provide enough hold and my waves fell flat within a few hours. I had to reapply multiple times throughout the day, which was quite inconvenient. Not suitable for thick hair.

Natural and refreshing scent

The Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray has a lovely scent that reminds me of the ocean. It's not overpowering and adds a refreshing touch to my hair. I love how it lingers throughout the day, giving me a subtle and pleasant fragrance.

Decent product, but not a game-changer

The Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray is an okay product. It does add some texture to my hair, but it's not as noticeable as I had hoped. It gives a subtle effect, which may be perfect for those looking for a more natural look. However, if you're seeking dramatic waves, you might want to try something stronger.

Leaves hair feeling dry and tangled

After using the Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray, my hair feels dry and tangled. It's difficult to run my fingers through my hair without encountering knots and snags. The spray seems to strip away moisture and leave my hair looking and feeling unhealthy. Would not recommend for dry or damaged hair.

Average sea salt spray

The Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray is a decent product. It adds a slight texture to my hair, but nothing extraordinary. It's easy to use and doesn't leave any residue. While it's not my favorite sea salt spray, it's also not the worst. It's just average.

Product Summary:

The Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray is a hair styling product designed to create a natural, beachy look with increased volume and gentle waves. However, some users report that it falls short in providing the promised zero hold and beach hair effect. The spray is known for its nice smell, offering a subtle scent that enhances the styling experience. Yet, some find the smell sharp, similar to salon products, though not overly strong.

This product features a non-sticky, non-greasy formula with a mild, pleasant odor, facilitating effortless styling. It's noted for providing a beachy wave texture, adding a bit of extra body and thickness to hair. Priced between $15-$25, the spray comes in a sizeable bottle expected to last several months.

It's praised for its longevity, capable of maintaining beachy, voluminous hair. An advantage of the Ola Loko Sea Salt Spray is its ease of washout, which distinguishes it from other sea salt sprays that may leave residue. It ensures a hassle-free washout, leaving hair clean and residue-free after use.

However, users should be mindful of the quantity applied. Overuse can lead to dry and dull hair. The key is to use an appropriate amount to achieve the desired beachy look without causing hair to become heavy or sticky.