Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax Review


  • Provides a medium-strong hold.


  • The Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax has a very nice, non-chemical smell.


  • Non-sticky formula, but be cautious with the amount to avoid crustiness while maintaining a sleek appearance.
  • Provides a natural, greasy-free look with a dry and strong feel, perfect for low-maintenance styling and good control.


  • Gives hair a more defined and textured look.


  • $7-$12.

Hair Type

  • Ideal for long and wavy hair, providing all-day hold with minimal frizz.
  • Perfect for thick and frizzy hair, offering natural hold and control.

Does It Last?

  • All day hold.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Requires some effort to wash out, but not excessive.

Adding Too Much?

  • Provides a natural shine without any residue, leaving hair looking fresh and clean.
  • Easy application, doesn't leave hair greasy or weighed down, and has a pleasant scent.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold and Scent

This Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax has an amazing hold that keeps my hair in place all day long. Not only that, but it also has a refreshing and pleasant scent that lasts throughout the day. Highly recommended!

Difficult to Wash Out

While the Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax provides a strong hold, it is extremely difficult to wash out of my hair. It leaves a residue that requires multiple washes to completely remove. Not ideal for those who prefer easy maintenance.

Long-Lasting Style

This Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax helps me achieve the hairstyle I want and keeps it intact for hours. I love how it allows me to create textured looks with ease. It's definitely my go-to hair product.

Moderate Hold and Scent

The Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax offers a decent hold for my hair, but it doesn't last as long as I would like. The scent is also okay, not too overpowering but not particularly appealing either. It's an average hair product overall.

Leaves Residue and Greasy Feel

Unfortunately, the Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax leaves a noticeable residue in my hair, making it feel greasy and heavy. It's disappointing as I expected better quality from this product. I won't be repurchasing.

Decent Hold, but Average Scent

The Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax provides a decent hold for my hair, but the scent is nothing special. It's not necessarily bad, but it doesn't stand out either. If you're looking for a basic hair product, it might work for you.

Product Summary:

Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax is a multifunctional hair styling product that effectively provides strong hold for both long and short hair. It stands out with its unique leather-like fragrance, distinguishing it from other name-brand products that often emit a chemical scent.

The wax's non-sticky formula ensures a sleek and tidy appearance without crustiness. It imparts a natural look to the hair, free from greasiness, while maintaining a dry, firm texture. Although the texture of the wax is slightly grainy, it offers good control and reduces frizz, making it suitable for managing long and wavy hair, as well as thick and frizzy hair types.

Priced affordably between $7 and $12, Old Spice Fiji Fiber Wax is now available at Walmart, increasing its accessibility. It distinguishes itself from other fiber waxes in terms of durability, maintaining its hold throughout the day. Additionally, it's conveniently washable using Old Spice Shampoo and Conditioner, leaving hair fresh, clean, and naturally shiny after use.

The product's easy application and appealing scent contribute to its suitability for daily hair styling, offering a practical and effective solution for various hair needs.