OMWAH Natural Hold Hair Styling Pomade Review


  • Provides strong hold for natural hair types.
  • Some users find it having a medium lightweight hold.


  • The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming, unlike other pomades on the market.


  • This product gives a medium hold with a natural finish, leaving hair looking styled yet effortless for a versatile and sophisticated look.


  • Shine and texture is added to hair with this product.


  • $10-$15.

Hair Type

  • Works well on think and thinner hair types.
  • Ideal for keeping hair in place without stiffness, suitable for soft and natural styles.

Does It Last?

  • The OMWAH Natural Hold Hair Styling Pomade is designed to last throughout the day, providing long-lasting hold and control for your hair styling needs.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • OMWAH Natural Hold Hair Styling Pomade is easy to wash out with just water, making it a convenient option for daily use.

Adding Too Much?

  • Excessive application leaves hair weighed down and lackluster.
  • Overuse can lead to a heavy, unmanageable texture.

Customer Reviews:

Great Hold

I love how well it holds my hair in place all day without feeling sticky or heavy. Definitely my go-to for styling!

Strong Scent

The scent of the pomade is too overpowering for my liking. It lingers all day and can be a bit overwhelming.

Natural Ingredients

I appreciate that the pomade is made with natural ingredients, it feels good knowing I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my hair.

Moderate Hold

The hold provided by the pomade is decent, but not strong enough for my thick hair. I find myself needing to reapply throughout the day.

Greasy Texture

I find that the pomade leaves my hair feeling greasy and weighed down. It's not the lightweight hold I was hoping for.

Average Performance

The pomade works okay for styling my hair, but it's nothing exceptional. I'm still on the lookout for something that works better for me.

Product Summary:

The OMWAH Natural Hold Hair Styling Pomade offers a balance between strong hold for natural hair types and a medium lightweight hold, as perceived by some users. Its scent is pleasantly subtle, distinguishing it from other overpowering pomades on the market. With a pricing range of $10-$15, this product delivers a medium hold with a natural finish, enhancing the hair's appearance to look styled yet effortless, suitable for a versatile and sophisticated look. It effectively adds shine and texture without overwhelming the hair.

Designed to cater to both thick and thinner hair types, the pomade ensures hair stays in place without causing stiffness, making it ideal for soft and natural styles. Its formulation guarantees long-lasting hold throughout the day, providing control and flexibility for various hairstyles. Furthermore, the OMWAH pomade is praised for its ease of washing out, requiring only water for a clean removal, thus avoiding the hassle of residue buildup.

However, caution should be exercised with the amount applied, as excessive use may lead to hair being weighed down and appearing lackluster. Overapplication can also result in a heavy, unmanageable texture, underscoring the importance of using the right amount for the desired styling effect.