OSiS Mess Up Matte Paste Review


  • Strong hold, lightweight formula.
  • Holds style all day without stickiness.


  • Mild fragrance.


  • Provides a natural shine without dulling hair.
  • Gives a piecey, tousled look without greasiness.


  • OSiS Mess Up Matte Paste has a thick and creamy texture that allows for easy application and styling.
  • It provides a matte finish that adds texture and definition to any hairstyle without leaving any residue or stickiness.


  • $15-25.

Hair Type

  • Best for fine, limp or slightly wavy, oily hair types.
  • Provides a matte finish, perfect for those who prefer non-shiny hair.

Does It Last?

  • OSiS Mess Up Matte Paste provides a long-lasting hold that stays in place throughout the day.
  • The formula is designed to resist humidity and sweat, ensuring that your hairstyle remains intact even in challenging conditions.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Requires shampooing twice for complete removal.
  • A bit difficult to wash out thoroughly.

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much of the product can leave a tacky, sticky residue in hair.
  • Overuse may lead to difficulty styling and shaping hair.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold and texture

I love how this paste gives my hair a messy, textured look without making it feel greasy or heavy. The hold is also impressive and lasts all day.

Difficult to wash out

While the hold and texture this paste provides is impressive, it's a nightmare to wash out. I've had to use multiple shampoos and spend extra time scrubbing my hair to get it all out.

Works on all hair types

I've used this paste on my fine, straight hair as well as my friend's thick, curly hair and it works great on both. It provides a natural, textured look without feeling heavy.

Not as matte as advertised

This paste definitely provides some texture, but it has a slight sheen to it that doesn't give me the completely matte look I was hoping for.

Leaves residue on hands

Whenever I use this paste, I notice that it leaves a sticky residue on my hands that's difficult to wash off. It's frustrating because I have to be careful not to touch anything after styling my hair.

Decent hold, but not worth the price

This paste does provide some hold and texture to my hair, but I don't think it's worth the high price tag. There are other products on the market that work just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Product Summary:

The OSiS Mess Up Matte Paste is a hair styling product known for its strong hold without the heaviness or stickiness often found in other styling products. Its lightweight formula, accompanied by a pleasant aroma, provides a natural shine without dulling the hair. The paste's thick and creamy texture facilitates easy application and styling.

It leaves a matte finish, adding texture and definition to hairstyles without any residue or stickiness. Particularly suitable for fine, limp, slightly wavy, or oily hair types, this paste is ideal for those who prefer a non-shiny look. It maintains its hold throughout the day, proving effective even in humid or sweat-inducing conditions.

However, washing it out can be somewhat challenging, often requiring two shampooing sessions for complete removal. Using too much of this product can result in a tacky, sticky residue, complicating styling and shaping efforts. The OSiS Mess Up Matte Paste is priced between $15 and $25.