Pacinos Texture Powder Review


  • Provides added volume and a moderate hold, but we found the hold only lasts about 2 hours, leading to a messy appearance.


  • Pacinos Texture Powder has a pleasant, fresh, and subtle scent, emitting a clean fragrance that leaves a refreshing smell on the hair.


  • Offers a matte finish for a natural, effortless look, adding volume and texture to create a tousled, lived-in appearance.


  • The texture powder is noted for its impressive and fantastic texture.


  • $10-$20

Hair Type

  • Ideal for mixed, thick hair types lacking structure, and perfect for straight hair, providing manageability and a natural, stylish look without weighing down.

Does It Last?

  • Designed for long-lasting hold and texture, however we found it not holding the hair throughout the full day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • Formulated for easy wash-out, Pacinos Texture Powder offers temporary hold and texturizing without leaving residue, ensuring effortless removal.

Adding Too Much?

  • Over-application of Pacinos Texture Powder can weigh down hair, making it appear flat, lifeless, and greasy, hindering desired styling.

Customer Reviews:

Great for adding volume

I love how Pacinos Texture Powder instantly adds volume to my hair. It gives my hair a fuller and more voluminous look without making it feel heavy or sticky. Highly recommended!

Leaves residue on hair

Unfortunately, Pacinos Texture Powder leaves a noticeable residue on my hair. It makes my hair look dull and dirty. I have to wash my hair more frequently to get rid of the residue. Not satisfied with this product.

Long-lasting hold

This texture powder provides a long-lasting hold for my hairstyles. It keeps my hair in place throughout the day without the need for constant touch-ups. I can confidently style my hair and know it will stay put. Worth every penny!

Decent product, but not exceptional

Pacinos Texture Powder is an average product for adding texture to hair. It does the job to some extent, but I feel like there are better options available in the market. It's neither outstanding nor disappointing.

Dries out hair

After using Pacinos Texture Powder for a while, I noticed that it significantly dries out my hair. It makes my hair feel rough and brittle. I have to use extra conditioning products to counteract the dryness caused by this powder.

Mixed feelings about this product

I have mixed feelings about Pacinos Texture Powder. It does add some texture to my hair, but it also makes it feel slightly heavy and weighed down. It's not terrible, but it's not my favorite either.

Product Summary:

Pacinos Texture Powder adds volume and offers a moderate hold for short durations, typically around 2 hours, after which the hair may look messy. It features a fresh, subtle fragrance that provides a clean and refreshing scent without being overpowering.

The product delivers a matte finish for a natural and effortless look, particularly enhancing tousled styles. It's effective for thick, mixed hair types needing manageability, and for straight hair, as it doesn't weigh it down. Despite its intent for long-lasting hold, we've observed that the hold doesn't extend beyond a couple of hours.

Pacinos Texture Powder is formulated for easy washing, suiting those who prefer a low-maintenance hair routine. It leaves no residue, making removal effortless. However, excessive use can lead to hair appearing flat, lifeless, and greasy, hindering styling flexibility. The price of the product is not provided in the available information.