Paul Mitchell MITCH Steady Grip Hair Gel Review


  • Provides steady and effective medium hold without stiffness or greasiness.
  • May not be suitable for those seeking a firm hold, but perfect for medium hold with shine.


  • Pleasant scent that some users rave about despite negative reviews.
  • Smell dissipates after 15-20 minutes, but some find it weird or offputting.


  • Provides lightweight support without greasiness.
  • Gives hair a desirable appearance.


  • The Paul Mitchell MITCH Steady Grip Hair Gel has a lightweight and nonsticky texture that won't leave any residue on your hair.
  • It has a firm hold that keeps hair in place without making it feel crunchy or stiff, making it easy to style


  • $10-$20.

Hair Type

  • Works best for fine and thick hair types. Holds fine hair without leaving it wet or looking unnatural.

Does It Last?

  • Provides reliable hold throughout the day.

Easy To Wash Out?

  • The Paul Mitchell MITCH Steady Grip Hair Gel is easy to wash out, ensuring that you don't have to spend too much time rinsing your hair.
  • This hair gel is watersoluble, which means that it can be easily washed out with just water, leaving

Adding Too Much?

  • Too much creates clumps and shine, with strong scent.
  • Not greasy or stiff, supports thick hair with good hold.

Customer Reviews:

Great hold

I love how this gel keeps my hair in place all day without feeling crunchy or sticky.

Too expensive

While I enjoy the product, I can't justify the high price point compared to other hair gels on the market.

No residue

This gel doesn't leave any residue or flakes in my hair, which is a huge plus.

Decent hold

This gel provides an okay hold, but I've used better products for the same price.

Strong scent

The scent of this gel is overpowering and lingers in my hair all day.

Not for thick hair

While this gel may work for those with thin or fine hair, it just doesn't provide enough hold for my thick hair.

Product Summary:

The Paul Mitchell MITCH Steady Grip Hair Gel caters to those desiring a dependable medium hold, offering a fine balance between firmness and flexibility without leading to stiffness or greasiness. It's a fitting choice for individuals looking for a medium hold complemented by a touch of shine, though it might not fully satisfy those in pursuit of an extremely firm hold.

This hair gel is distinguished by its appealing fragrance, which has garnered a mixed response. Some users express fondness for the scent, noting it diminishes within 15-20 minutes, while others perceive it as unusual or less favorable. The gel excels in providing lightweight support, steering clear of any greasy aftermath and enhancing the hair's appearance. Its formulation is characterized by a light, non-sticky consistency, ensuring a residue-free experience for your hair.

Suitable for both fine and thick hair types, the gel demonstrates proficiency in maintaining fine hair without imparting a wet or artificial look. It assures long-lasting hold, sustaining all-day curls and delivering reliable hold throughout the day. The product's ease of washability is an added advantage, being water-soluble and user-friendly.

Despite its many merits, over-application may result in unwanted clumping and excessive shine, accompanied by a more pronounced scent. Nonetheless, the gel maintains its non-greasy, non-stiff character, effectively supporting thick hair with commendable hold. Priced between $10 and $20, the Paul Mitchell MITCH Steady Grip Hair Gel is an optimal choice for everyday use, catering to diverse styling needs with its versatile medium hold.